Tuesday, November 30, 2010

13 ladies attended today. It was a dreary, rainy day--a good one for sewing but not for going out. We were sad to hear that Pat OR is in the hospital. We all hope she feels better soon. And Deb was at home with her dog whose cancer finally caught up with her. I know that the dog is getting the best treatment with Deb. So we had a small group today. Tina brought in her almost finished maple leaf quilt. She needs to add some borders to make it big enough for her double bed. She got plenty of advice from everyone on what kind of border to add. I went through our fabric boxes looking for fabric that might work. I was also looking for plaid fabrics for a quilt I am making. A library patron brought in 2 full bags of fabric to give away. We took some but I still have 2 bags, just not quite as full. Winnie was back having rested up after the church rummage sale. We had a visitor today--a patron wondered if anyone had a pattern for the mittens hanging on the mitten tree. Surprisingly enough I knew who had made them and had the pattern although it's a difficult to read hand-written pattern. She talk to Cathy M. about them and Cathy and JoAnn encouraged her to come join our group. She's new in town so I hope she does decide to return. We are a great group for making friends.

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