Thursday, March 29, 2012

15 ladies attended this week. I came with my digital camera with pictures of my new puppy to show. He's a baby German Shepherd puppy named Rudi. I'll be bringing it again next week to show those who missed it this week. Gotta show my baby pictures! Sue Kidder stopped by. I had a table and chairs in my car for a senior who needed it. We transferred it to Sue's car so she can deliver them. But while she was here she brought in some yarn and talked to the ladies about all of the charities she takes knitted and crocheted items to. She sent me the pattern for "Warmth for warriors hats." Many of my ladies were interested in that and took the pattern so I expect to see some knitted hats being made. My ladies are always looking for a new pattern and even more looking for someone who appreciates receiving these knitted goods. Last week Kathy O. and Sandie were working on this complicated looking woven knit pattern and this week Kathy came in with a partially completed back of a vest. Sandie's on vacation so Kathy is going to email her a picture of her woven vest. It's very impressive. Not being a knitter I am in awe of the things they make. June B. was back. She's working on a watercolor quilt with a featherweight sewing machine applique in the center. June is another one who doesn't shy away from a difficult pattern. The size of the pieces she will be appliquing would scare me away but after hand-piecing a complete Dear Jane quilt, June thinks this one will be a piece of cake! More power to her I say.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

14 ladies attended today. It is an absolutely beautiful day out today so I bet a lot of ladies stayed home to work in their yards. Kathy O. and Sandy have started a new knitting project. I don't know what it's called but it looks like woven knit. It looks very difficult but I know it will make into a gorgeous sweater. I was making a sleeve for a library patron who had a Hmong piece she wanted to hang. It's a beautiful piece. Jo-Ann is making another moebius scarf out of a very soft, blue yarn. Fran was appliquing stars. Pat OR was working on her blue table runner. Winnie was working on a very nice pansy needlepoint project. Marie is appliquing flowers. Tina was making yo-yo cats. Daryl was making a children's cross-stitch. Everyone was busy. I brought in my finished pineapple table runner to take pictures of for my records. If Deb had been here she could have taken it home but she wasn't so she didn't. Some other time Deb!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today 21 ladies attended. Tomorrow is Marie's 89th birthday so Rosmary brought a cake and we all sang to her. She successfully blew out the Faith, Hope and Charity candles (Rosemary's dad didn't like to waste candles so they always had just the 3) and we all had cake. Pat, who was new last week, brought in the bag pattern that many of us admired. I made copies for those who wanted them. Ethel brought in a finished cross-stitch made for her new grandson. It was absolutely beautiful. Marie brought in some applique blocks she made a long time ago. She needs to make a few more blocks to finish a top so she was working on that. Kathy O. and Sandy are knitting socks. Jo-Anne brought in her little machine to make cards with a pattern pressed onto them. She sends St. Patrick's Day cards to all of her Irish friends. We had a surprise visit from Ingrid who used to come regularly. She has had a lot of health issues lately but is getting back on her feet now. It was nice to see her again. And we had a visit from my old friend Pam who is disappointed in her Civil War table runner. The pattern didn't work out to allow for the quarter inch seam so her points don't show. We told her not to worry about it. The colors are so beautiful that no one but her will notice the problem. Cathy M. brought in a little needlepoint picture that belonged to her godmother. Cathy liked it so much when she was young that the lady gave it to her. She brought it in to show us and to see what kind of stitch it was (apparently it's just an embroidery stitch). It was very pretty. Elaine came in a little late but brought in some of her roving which she is going to use to make a braided rug. It's an interesting project so we all want to see it progress. Lots of talk and laughter today. A good day for all.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

18 ladies attended today including one new lady. She is a friend of Sandy who wanted to give us a try. I hope she returns. Today Tina came in with a quilt top she was working on during the week. It is a very cute, fun chicken wall hanging she found in a book. It will be very fun to have in our show next week. Last Thursday at the Village Quilters meeting we had a textile conservator talk to us about taking care of our old quilts so I brought in 4 of my old family quilts to show. I kept them in the closet so that I could show the Nimblefingers today which I did. One of them is a yo-yo coverlet which is really quite impressive. The others are quilts and are made either by my grandmother or by my aunt's brother-in-laws wife. They are all from the 1930's or 40's so aren't terribly old but I think they are very nice quilts nonetheless. Today we had lots of good food: Cathy M. brought brownies, Winnie brought a chocolate chip cake, Jo-Anne brought kisses, and Rosemary brought scones. Pat H. came in late but not empty handed: potato chips. We had lots of leftovers for the staff who love Tuesdays for this very reason.I'm still downloading pictures from our show.

Friday, March 02, 2012

19 ladies attended this week. That was three days ago so I'm trying to remember what happened there. We took down the quilt show, that's what happened! And I noticed that the room was particularly noisy once the walls were bare. The quilts apparently helped muffle the sound. Now the room is looking very bare. Oh well. It happens every year. Because it takes so long to put up the show I anticipate the taking down to take the whole two hours but it really comes down fast. I don't know if it even took an hour. So other than sorting out which quilt belonged to which person it was a usual day with people working on their various projects. I still haven't posted pictures of all the quilts in the show so I'm going to keep posting them until they have all made it into the blog.