Tuesday, June 28, 2011

17 ladies attended today. I was very surprised when I saw Linda Crannell walk in the door with her uncle Pete. Linda moved to Florida last year so it was very exciting to see her again. She had come up attend the Old Songs festival and to visit with family and friends. I'm so glad she remembered us in Nimblefingers! She had never actually been a member because she worked but we all dearly loved her grandmother Betty Smith who was an inspiration to us all. Diane was also back for the summer. She's a school nurse so can only come during the summer months. She was our driver for the quilt shop hop this year so I had a chance to get to know her a little better. She brought in the quilt that she had been working on last summer and had gotten some advice from us about. It was a beautifull sunflower quilt. Fran brought in her finished african quilt made from the fabric I picked up for her at the Adirondack quilt show. It will be going to some child in South Africa eventually. I have not yet made mine though I have been thinking about it. These will go to Patti's quilt shop in Saratoga Springs where they will deliver them to the group that travels to South Africa. Ethel brought in her finished and framed button sampler cross-stitch. It is made with buttons from her mother's button jar and it is absolutely precious! It is a beautiful keepsake. If I were one of her daughters I would be begging for it! I also brought in my finished "modern" quilt. It was quick, easy and a lot of fun to make. Rosemary was also back this week. She has been out for some time with a very bad back. Even now she wears a brace and tires easily. I'm glad she was able to make it in though. We have missed her. Everyone seemed happy and chatty and looking forward to the 4th of July weekend.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

18 ladies attended today. Ethel brought in her finished quilt top for her grandson (picture to follow). It is very nice with lots of good kid fabric. Marie brought in part of her Oops a daisy quilt. She has made all of the applique blocks and is starting to add the in between blocks. It will be very nice when it is finished. Since Agnes is making the same quilt they had a talk about the difficulties and things to watch out for in making this quilt. Marie also brought in some books, magazines and roving to give away. She's still clearing out her house. I pulled out the 12" blocks we made so that we could pick a fabric for the lattice strips. Next week I can get started on them. Elaine was gathering more information about machine quilters who might work on her quilt. Pat H. also brought in some fabric scrapas to give away. Daryl informed me that she won a basket during the quilt shop hop! I'm jealous! Those baskets looked wonderful! Maybe next year.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Today the Voorheesville kindergartners came to the library to get their new library cards so we had to vacate our room and go out to lunch! This happens once in a while and we really don't mind too much. Today we went to the Cider House restaurant in the Altamont Orchards. There were 16 of us there plus Tina's husband who is a very good sport. The restaurant is lovely--you sit looking out at the golf course. I think we all had a good lunch and I know that at least I left full. Next week we'll be back at our regular place and time. See you then!