Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am way behind on my Nimblefingers blogging. So sorry. Last week 17 ladies attended and this week we had 22. This week we also had 3 new people. I hope they all return. Last week I took a picture of Cathy Y.'s sweater. She has been working on it for awhile and is nearing the finish line. It is very neat because it is knitted all in one piece. Then you sew up the side seams. This seems like a much easier way to do a sweater to me but then I don't knit so I don't really know. This week Marie and Sandy came in wearing a pieced vest and crocheted sweater they had made. I had to take a front and back view of these they were so beautiful. All of our snow birds are starting to fly south. Jean K. has left and now Betty K. is leaving. Soon Linda will be gone. Our little group might shrink but then again, you never can tell. Marie has been continuing to bring in bits and pieces of her collection to give away. Some of the rest of us are trying to clean out our sewing rooms too. Ethel is working on an interesting piece in her embroidery guild which she brought in to show us. It is an abstract piece she made for one of their challenges. I was cutting 10" squares from the fruit/vegetable fabric that was donated to the group. I'm going to try out a special ruler I bought on the shop hop to cut and arrange these blocks. It will eventually be another raffle quilt. Last week I gave the prayer quilt to Elaine Larsen (an ex-member) whose house was flooded during the hurricane. She was very grateful and quite tearful. She said she would try to stop in some Tuesday so I hope she is able to. Her poor first floor is reduced to the bare bones now. They had to take off all of the wallboard to clean up the mold etc. What a job! But she said friends have been really special to the family during this time, including our little group. I'm glad we could do a little something to lift the family's spirits.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

14 ladies attended on Tuesday. The big surprise was that Kathy O. is back! She brought her summer projects with her--she's taken up wrapping, that is wrapping fabric around clothesline to make a basket or purse. I've seen it before and think it's really neat but haven't tried it myself. She says she's totally addicted now. She would sit down with an audiobook on her ipad and wrap all afternoon. Sue R. from the Village Quilters came in to show Fran her circles quilt. We all enjoyed seeing it. It's such a simple idea but I haven't seen it before in a show or anyplace. Another lady came in and gave us some great fruit and vegee fabric. Kathy O. thought we ought to make a group quilt out of them and today I got an idea for this quilt so I think next Tuesday I'll put Kathy to work on it. Fran also showed us her 70 yard strip quilt. They work up very fast and easy. The Delmar quilt group is encouraging us to make a bunch for charity.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

22 ladies attended last Tuesday and 14 the week before that. I was not one of the 14 unfortunately. But I was here this week. Marie brought in some more patterns etc. She says next week she'll start bringing in fabric. June brought in the ballerina quilt top she made. She says she has to make two of them for her two granddaughters. It's very cute and very pink! Joan T. who is moving brought in her fabric to see if we wanted. I got the binding ready for the prayer quilt we are making. I took it home to sew on because I ran out of time. Fran tried sewing together a jelly roll quilt but the tension on the machine was not working properly so she ended up taking that project home to work on too. Daryl had put together some fabric scraps that were brought in last week. She sewed them together to make a small prayer quilt. It's getting to be fall and some of our snow birds are already planning their trips south. It seems like they just got here and now they are ready to go back. Tonight the Village Quilters are bring Sue Pritt for a trunk show and talk. It is here at the librarary at 7:00. All are invited. I think it will be really good and hope many of you can make it.