Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yesterday 15 ladies attended. Ellen and Sue had taken a class to make a Halloween quilt which they brought in to add embellishments. They were very cute. It was a class on machine applique taken at the Log Cabin fabric shop. Jo-Anne, Diane M. and I are all taking a class on clothesline basket making this weekend. I'm looking forward to that. I brought in a bunch of quilts to sandwich, I finished 3 out of 4 (with some help from Elaine) before I ran out of batting. They should keep me busy for awhile anyway.  Fran is looking forward to her trip to Cuba which is coming up soon. It was already cancelled once so she's keeping her fingers crossed. She has a meeting about it this week so she's hoping it's to make final arrangements, not announcing that it's off again! Sue R., Betty, Cathy, Fran and I all participated in the Apple festival at the Altamont fairgrounds last weekend so we had some discussion about that. Rosemary reported that Marie was not doing so well, Winnie and Jean visited her last week after the farmer's market and that cheered her up immensely but she's not getting enough visitors. She's lonely and frustrated at not being able to get out of the house. Jo-Anne and I stopped by after Nimble fingers for a visit and I am going over Thursday to help her with a quilt. She was going to the doctor today to find out if she could get a portable oxygen tank so we are hoping she gets it. That would allow her to travel again and she really misses Nimblefingers. I'll find out tomorrow when I go. In the meantime, if you have some time to spare, stop by for a visit. She would greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yesterday 14 ladies attended. Jo-Anne C. and I had gone on a bus trip sponsored by Log Cabin fabrics the previous day. We went to a quilt store in Ithaca which was really nice, then to a quilt store in Syracuse which wasn't as good. It was a full day trip and we came home tired and a little lighter in the pocketbook but it was fun. I brought my purchases in to show everyone. I didn't spend as much as I was afraid I would (considering that I didn't need a single thing!) but Jo-Anne did her part to keep the quilt stores in the black. Marguerite is back with us now that school has started. She was baby-sitting all summer with her grand kids. She still has to leave early but at least she can spend some time with us. Marie is still at home recovering. After the meeting Cathy M. and I went over to visit with her for a bit. Apparently she fell down on Monday and had to have her son come rescue her but she seemed pretty good on Tuesday. She and Rosemary were just sitting down outside to watch the world pass by when we arrived. Pat L. is going to be having knee surgery again. The last surgery was botched by her previous doctor and she's been in pain ever since. Now she has a new doctor who's supposed to be the top guy so hopefully she'll feel much better soon. Right now she's still waiting for the date to be set. Cathy M. will be getting a pacemaker next week. I hope that goes well for her. Everyone is asking when Tina and Kathy O., our summer campers, will be returning. I bet we see Tina first because her camp is farther north but we'll see! Now for what people are working on: Elaine has to make a block for the musical group to which she belongs (they are making a group quilt) so she asked me for some advice; Joanne R., our newest member, is determined to teach herself to crochet granny squares; Ethel finished her teddy bear needlepoint for one of her new granddaughters (I'm having a hard time keeping track of her grandchildren any more); Pat OR is working on her wool mitten Christmas ornaments; Fran is appliqueing; and I'm not sure about everyone else. I am getting ready for the Apple Festival in Altamont this weekend. Some of us will be selling items there. I hope we have nice weather and lots of people looking for Christmas presents!