Thursday, April 28, 2011

We had 12 ladies this week. Marguerite pulled out the sewing machine and went to work on our next raffle quilt. Cathy Y. had bought a cute panel for a baby quilt. Fran thought it needed a border so she helped Cathy make a border, gave it to Marguerite to sew, then helped Cathy make the quilt sandwich. Some baby will be getting a very cute little quilt someday. Kathy O. reported that Tina is doing well after her knee surgery. They were able to use her kneecap and that she is walking around the house with the walker. We're glad to hear that she's doing well. Poor Rosemary is home though with a bad back. I hope it will get to feeling better soon so we can see her again. Cathy M. sent us a thank you card for the prayer quilt Pat H. made and we tied. My guess is that we probably won't see Cathy for awhile because when she feels better she'll be out doing gardening instead of sewing. Maybe next fall. I brought in my purchases from the quilt show the previous weekend. I saw many of my ladies there which makes it extra fun to run into some familiar faces. Kathy O. is waiting for me to give her the fabric that I bought that looks much more like her than it does me. She didn't spend any money that day so we agreed that I spent her money for her.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

18 ladies attended today. Marie is working on cleaning out her sewing supplies so she brought in batting and embroidery thread to give away. Linda O'C came in just returned from wintering in Florida. She's still in a bit of a muddle trying to get her Voorheesville life on track. Sandy, who is a knitter and quilter, is knitting scarves with beads incorporated into them. She was working on one that had beads at the ends but she has another that has beads throughout the entire scarf. I've only seen knitting with beads in books so I was very pleased to see the actual thing. Kathy O. brought in her finished quilt to show. It is lovely. Agnes was doing some hand piecing taking her cue from Marguerite who always hand pieces. Deb had a couple of cushion covers she wants to stuff so that she can use them in a new rocking chair she has. We learned that Tina is having a knee replacement next week then will be off to summer in the north country. Ethel is off to Georgia and Florida for a little vacation. I am on vacation too next week but I'm not going anywhere. I hope I can get some sewing and organizing done. Kathy O. brought in her ipad today on which she had downloaded a quilt book. A bunch of us took a look at that. This weekend is the Delmar group's quilt show at the Ravena/Coeymans/Selkirk high school. I will be working there and hope to see many of my ladies.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

16 ladies attended Nimblefingers this Tuesday. Marguerite and I laid out all of the blocks for our next raffle quilt and arranged them. We were 2 blocks short so I quickly made them. Then we started sewing them together. It will take awhile but I think this will be a really nice quilt. Tina brought in her maple leaf quilt--quilted by Lew Schedlbauer (the Quiltsmith). It looked beautiful! I think Tina is very happy to have it finished and ready for her bed. Elaine laid out her quilt top so that Kathy O. could help her cut out borders. Because I was busy sewing blocks together I didn't pick up any good gossip. Cathy Y. brought in some books to give away one of which I took home to add to my already huge pile of books to read.