Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12 ladies attended today. Betty Smith didn't choose to attend because of the rainy cold weather so instead I went over and ate my lunch at her house. I don't want Betty to get bored! I brought in 2 pies (2 for $7 at Hannafords!), Pat brought in some leftover pumpkin/cream cheese bread from the bazaar, and Deb brought in Indian Ladder donuts. What a feast! Fran was back regaling us with stories of her trip to China. It sounded like a great trip in that it was economical, they saw and learned alot, but it was also a high energy trip. They were on the go 12 hours per day! Kathy O. was knitting some socks today and the particular variegated yarn she was using made an interesting and different pattern than I had seen before. Cathy C. brought in a quilt to sandwich. It was all fruit and vegetable fabric. She said she collected fabric for 2 years. It was very bright, colorful and fun to search for all the different kinds of food. An eye-spy quilt for adults. Cathy M. brought in her Christmas quilt which she had just gotten back from the machine quilter, Linda Denner from Flying Geese fabrics. She made the blocks in a class at Flying Geese and as are all of Cathy's quilts, this one was spectacular. Cathy has a real talent with choosing fabrics that go together and a good eye for color. She's lucky that way.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

15 ladies attended today. Marguerite was the star of the show today. She brought in her 2 finished 4-patch posie circus quilts and a large scrap quilt top all ready to be quilted. She has been very busy lately. Her husband hates to see the quilt frame go up so I always make sure to give him a hard time about it. Linda O'C came in and she and I had a long talk about Village Quilter stuff plus she was very eager to show Kathy O. the hidden nine-patch she had made. Kathy O. has now moved on to something else: a big girl quilt for her granddaughter. She's made the middle but now needs to make some large borders around it. Winnie is frantically trying to finish all of her projects for the church bazaar this weekend. Pat was tying another prayer quilt. Betty and Cathy Y. were holding up the quilting end of the group. Hattie was back after a long illness but is not able to get back to her knitting yet. We were certainly glad to see her again. The group ended today on an interesting note. Betty, our 99 year old Betty, was giving lessons on how to tie your shoe. Apparently she's got some trick the others didn't know about. I'll have to go investigate that next week.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

15 ladies attended today including Betty Smith whom we are always happy to see, and Betsey Hoffman back from New Jersey for a brief visit. Our group includes not only people who go south for the winter, but also includes people who go north for the summer. Since there are some who hadn't seen it this summer, I decided to show the Betty Smith film. It is truly a wonderful film and received lots of applause. Otherwise, the group was about the same as always. A couple of knitters (Betty and Cathy Y.), some quilters, some bazaar project makers. I pulled out the raffle quilt to work on which kept me pinned down to the table so I didn't walk around to visit with everyone like I normally do. But there were lively discussions all around the table. Linda and Ethel brought in some donations to choose from. And Cathy O. showed us how to make a hidden nine-patch quilt block. This week Fran was off in China, Daryl in North Carolina and next week Marie will be in California. The holidays are approaching so there was also some discussion of Thanksgiving foods. Betty is making glazed onions which set our mouths to watering as she gave us her recipe and everyone agreed that I should not be lazy this year and should actually cook my own turkey. I'll think about it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

13 ladies attended today. We had a dessert feast today! I put away the food I had bought and instead we feasted on Pat H.'s pumpkin pie, Daryl's pumpkin cheesecake tarts, and Jean K.'s diabetic chocolate pie, and non-diabetic cherry cheesecake! I think I ate too much. Kathy O. brought in a quilt top that her daughter had made and wanted her to quilt. She has a daughter who makes beautiful quilt tops, then folds them up and puts them away. She apparently doesn't like quilting so she leaves them for her mom. Kathy made a quilt sandwich and pinned it together. She says she has 2 larger quilt tops at home that she is also supposed to finish for her daughter. Better her than me I say. I prefer the piecing too but that's where my friend the Quiltsmith comes in. It's so easy to just pack up the top and the backing and send it to him to quilt. It comes back looking much better than I could have done, and though it costs a pretty penny, I get to avoid the really hard work. Pat H. was back today from her trip to the Holy Lands. She had a great time and will bring her pictures when they are developed. Fran is leaving tomorrow for China. She's going to a silk factory and some other factories so she will be doing some shopping. My guess is she'll bring in her fabric purchases to show us. Daryl is leaving for North Carolina to attend her grandson's birthday, followed by Thanksgiving. We do have a well-traveled group!