Tuesday, January 29, 2013

18 ladies attended today. I think we're all getting excited about our upcoming quilt and craft show which we will be setting up on Feb. 5th. Several people were working on their table runners. It will be fun to see them all together. Elaine brought in some of her grandmother's works: some crazy patch pillows with beautiful embroidery, and a red and white quilt that was just exquisite! She'll bring the quilt back for our bed-turning on Feb. 12th at the open house. The fabric on the pillows is starting to disintegrate unfortunately, so Sandie told her of a place to take it to see if they can help to restore them. Mary Ann got out a sewing machine and finished her strip pieced top. It's such an interesting process on that quilt. You don't know how it will look when you're finished nor do you know how big it will be but it's fun to make it anyway and just be surprised. Marguerite discovered that she had made a strip top some time ago so finished it up to give to Albany Med.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We had 16 ladies attend yesterday. Ethel brought in her finished and framed crossk-stitch samplers she made commemorating her daughters marriage and her granddaughters birth. Both were beautiful. Good job Ethel! I had told her that I had thought of joining the Embroidery guild but felt somewhat intimidated after seeing their gorgeous work in the display case so Ethel brought in her second crewel piece to show me that not everything people did were difficult. Sandie and Fran were back this week. Both were out with the flu. This is a bad year for the flu if you didn't get a flu shot. Fortunately, everyone else seems pretty healthy. Tina brought in another chicken quilt top. She has made copies of pictures in books of Gwen Marstons' chickens and made her own versions. They are so cute! Mary Ann was also back this week. We haven't seen her for awhile but her work situation changed so now she can come to Nimblefingers again. I volunteered to teach the Village Quilter a simple pineapple block that I learned in a workshop using a book by Karin Hellaby. I haven't been able to find time at home to make sure that I remember how to do it so I set up the sewing machine and tried it out on some fabric we had in our stash. Once I was sure I could do it, I demonstrated it to the group. They were quite pleased because it is very simple. We'll see if anyone shows up next week with finished simple pineapple blocks. We also learned yesterday that Agnes is back from her trip but has come down with shingles! So far they don't hurt so I hope it stays that way. That's certainly no way to start the new year!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I finally downloaded some pictures from the camera. I can't remember when Betsey brought in the confirmation quilt she had made for her grandson but I wanted to post the pictures so here they are.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

13 ladies attended today. It's been a long time since we met since Christmas and New Year's were on a Tuesday. I hope everyone hasn't forgotten us! Our small group still had a good time though. Marie is still cleaning out--she brought us 2 bags of fabric, sewing stuff, and other craft supplies and books. I brought in 2 table runners to sandwich and Elaine brought in 1 also to sandwich. Marguerite was asking for advice regarding a sweater she would like to turn into a wall hanging for her daughter. Cathy M. and Kathy O. were comparing notes on the circular scarf. Jo-Ann was also in on that conversation. Daryl is planning a lunch for us on Jan. 23rd, a Wednesday. Let me or Daryl know if you can come.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

On December 11th Nimblefingers had their annual Christmas lunch. I ordered food from a local place, Dominick’s. It cost $7.75 per person and I tried to take into consideration my ladies various tastes and food limitations, i.e. gluten free and no tomato sauce. Everyone seemed happy with the selection and we didn’t have a lot of leftovers  so I think it was successful. The lunch was followed by a showing of Bob and Elaine Suss’s vacation pictures of rafting down the Colorado river. Husbands were invited so we had 30 people in attendance—only a few staff participated. It was all very nice. I think Deb has already booked her trip to Arizona!