Tuesday, March 29, 2011

17 ladies attended today. We had lots of show and tell. Winnie brought in her finished wedding quilt (for her granddaughter), Marguerite brought in her hand quilted quilt (top made by her mother in the 1980's), and Fran brought in her black and white quilt from last year's Flying Geese block of the month project. Lew S., the quiltsmith, brought in some batting for us. It always goes fast. There was lots of cross-stitching going on today too: Ethel, Marie, Hattie, Marguerite. Jo-Ann was knitting, Pat OR was doing some mending, Fran and Agnes were appliquing. I was doing nothing in particular except eating. Elaine brought in her music quilt top. Kathy O. helped her figure out her borders. For a first ever quilt it is very impressive! June is making a very nice quilt/embroidery hanging. Jo-Ann brought in some yummy muffins from Emma Cleary's. They put my store bought cookies to shame.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

16 ladies attended today. Marie, who is trying to get rid of some stuff so that she can move, brought in a suitcase full of patterns. Unfortunately, no one took any so Pat H. took them to see if another of her groups could use them. It was a quiet day. Lots of knitting and cross-stitching going on. It's interesting to see the variety of projects each person has. I was informed that Rosemary had hurt her back--I was wondering why I hadn't seen her lately. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. Jo-Ann was starting a new quilt with pastel rabbits on it. Fran was making a circle pattern to make a baby quilt for a baby with lots of health problems. She was also working on one of her beautiful wool pieces. Marguerite brought in her finished cross-stitch piece and was asking for opinions on how to get out the crease from having folded it while she was working on it. Marie thought it would come out if she stretched it to frame it. Marguerite had tried steaming it but that didn't help. Pat brought in some scrap fabric to cut into squares. And Deb was back--full of vinegar as always.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

14 ladies attended today. Someone brought in many bags of fabric to give away so I put those out for grabs. I wanted to find the blocks we made for another raffle quilt several years ago and ended up cleaning out the closet a bit in order to find them so we had a lot of giveaways today. Marguerite and I laid out the blocks to see if we had enough for a quilt. We needed about 10 additional blocks so I asked some of our newer members if they could make some. So in a couple of weeks we should be ready to lay it out and begin sewing it together! It will be our next raffle quilt. I just hope it doesn't take as long to quilt as the last one did! Marguerite finished the cross-stitch she was working on. I was getting worried because I haven't seen her hand piecing for quite awhile but she assures me that she has a couple of quilts in process at home. Tina informed me that Lew had finished quilting her quilt. She will bring it in to show when she gets the binding on. She's very happy with it though. Lew does do a tremendous job. I have a top I need to finish up at home and take to him to quilt. Now that I know he's back from vacation I'll have to hurry up and finish it. I'm not sure what everyone was working on today. I sat and went through magazines and didn't make the rounds. Marie was searching for a word in a book she had read: it was solu___ . She didn't know the word and wanted to look it up in a big dictionary but she never did find the word. She says this kind of thing drives her crazy and she'll keep looking until she finds it. I told her she may need to reread the book.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Today we had 18 ladies attend and we had a lovely pot luck lunch. We had lots of good food and I think we all went home stuffed. I know I did. Winnie brought in a friend of hers, Joan. I hope she'll join us again. Most people didn't come prepared to work, only to eat. I actually came prepared to work though--I got out my block of the month Fiesta quilt and cut out some blocks. Sandie was crocheting a blanket for the Hilltowns. Marie brought in her empty jars to give away. She had sent all the buttons that were in the jars to her daughter and brought us the empties. They were grabbed up fast. We had some books and magazines to give away. Most of those went. Next week we'll be back to normal. The show's over and we've had our celebration-- now it's time to get to work again! I'll pull out the next raffle quilt which we started a year or so ago and see where we left off. I'm sure we'll need some more blocks.