Thursday, November 11, 2010

18 ladies attended last Tuesday. I brought in 2 pillowcases for show and tell. Kathy O. and Deb brought in their finished holiday table topper tops from the workshop on Sunday. It was a really fun program and the quilt is very nice. It would also make a perfect tree skirt. And speaking of tree skirts, Ethel was binding her tree skirt for her daughter that she started some time ago. Kathy O. worked with Elaine, a newcomer, on a hidden nine-patch quilt. Elaine has some nice fabric with a music theme and wanted to make a quilt. I know it will end up great because Kathy is a good and enthusiastic teacher. Deb pinned her table topper into a sandwich. Linda brought in her sewing machine to sew her table topper pieces. I cut out some fabric for snappy bags--3 of them. And otherwise around the table was knitting, applique, needlepoint--you name it, we do it! It's getting close to Thanksgiving which always prompts lots of talk about food. Cathy M. claims she hates cooking the turkey because you have to turn it over half way. We didn't know what she was talking about but she says her husband insisted that the bird had to be turned over--that's how his mother cooked a turkey. We all said just put it in breast up and cook it. No turning. Make it simple.

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