Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 ladies attended today, one of which was one of our jr. Nimblefingers. She was making a coat for one of her pet chickens. She's a very creative young lady. Jo-Ann brought in a friend who showed us all her yo-yo maker. It was really cool--I think I've got to have one! Linda showed us the very few pieces of fabric she bought at the Vermont quilt show. She's very disciplined. I would have come home with several bags full I'm sure. I brought in some fabric to give away today. I'm trying to clean up my house and stash. Marie brought in a bagful of men's ties all cut apart and ready to use. They had no takers so I'll hang on to them awhile. Louise was back from Florida and joined us for awhile. She brought in a picture of the quilt she was working on last summer. She won a blue ribbon in a judged show for best of that type and a pink ribbon for best quilting in the whole show! It was a hand pieced, hand quilted hexagon quilt and was truly amazing! This summer she is working on another quilt with 3/4" hexagons! I told her she was crazy! Her quilts are true perfection! Mary Anne is trying to finish her It takes a village quilt for the Village Quilters quilt show on July 10th and 11th. It's going to be spectacular! Agnes was back catching up with everyone. We had a nice little group today. I hope that Clare and Diane, our two new people, come back next week.

Monday, June 28, 2010

I had a comment to one of the blog postings. She wanted to know where to get a copy of the Goodnight Moon quilt. All I can say is, check a copy of the book out from your public library and copy one of the pages. Pat OR who is making it just used the book for her inspiration. She created the pattern pieces herself. If you live in the Albany area I invite you to come join us one Tuesday afternoon and maybe we can help you get started.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

20 ladies attended today--a big crowd! Jean K. had a big quilt she needed to lay out to work on and Pam wanted to pin her quilt. Deb brought in a cornucopia of antimacassers made by her aunt. She didn't know what they were so Marie explained how you put 2 on the arms of a chair and one on the back for the head. She also had lots of crochet thread all of which came from her aunt who must have been a very busy and talented woman. I brought in my Mr. B's preview pack club envelope to show off and hopefully to get some of my ladies to sign up for. It's a monthly package deal from Benartex fabric. For $19.95 they send you a newsletter and a pack of 5" squares of a new fabric line. The pack I got is particularly nice and this is my first one so I'm hoping they'll all be as nice. I think it's a great deal and shouldn't be so overwhelming as joining a fat quarter of the month club. And, if I can get 4 of my ladies to sign up Mr B will send me a pack of fat eighths. I do like to get surprises in the mail. Daryl came in today, slowly but without a walker. Her right ankle is fused but she is allowed to drive again. She's taking things very slowly but is doing fine. Betty K. and Marie both wanted some reassurance that they were making their schlep bags correctly--they were. Jo-Ann brought in some brownies but since I started a new diet today I can't comment on their tastiness. They were all gone when the meeting ended though.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

14 ladies attended yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't be there--I was at an Employee Recognition workshop. It was actually pretty fun and I came away with some ideas I might even be able to use in Nimblefingers. I see that we had a new person join us. I'm sorry I wasn't there to welcome her. I hope she will come next week. And Agnes was back. That must mean that her husband is doing well on the road to recovery. It's good to hear that. And Marguerite was back from Bermuda. I wanted to ask her if there were any good quilting shops there. I already heard about the rest of the trip from Harry but he wasn't sure about the shopping. There must have been some good eating too because the store-bought cake I provided went unopened. My ladies are a bunch of good cooks! I'll be back next week and we can continue with the schlep bags or whatever else needs to be done.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

14 ladies attended today. Tina wanted to make a schlep bag and this is her last Tuesday before she goes north for the summer so I helped her make a bag. She got half of it finished so hopefully she can finish the rest at home. Fran had started a bag a long time ago but was stuck so I helped her put her inside and outside together. She'll add the handles at home and sew the whole thing together. Marie and Linda also cut out pieces so I think we'll be making schlep bags for awhile. Today Winnie tried out a new recipe on us--a rhubarb cake. It was delicious! Then Pat brought in a frozen cake with ice cream center. It was great too! We didn't need to even touch the store bought stuff I had brought in. Today was another good story day too. Marie regaled us with the story of how she met her husband. Plus there was talk of what children's books we had all loved. Pat OR was working on her goodnight moon quilt which was how we got started on children's books. Anyway...it was another good time in Nimblefingers.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

15 ladies attended today. It was the day after Memorial Day so Lindo OC thought it was Monday and didn't remember it was Nimblefingers day until late. Cathy M. is out with pneumonia--she waited in the car for Deb who stopped in to tell me about Cathy (whom she was driving to the dr.'s) and to show off her suntan from Myrtle Beach. JoAnne called to tell me she wasn't going to make it in because she had a car wreck over the weekend and is now without wheels. Ethel only stayed for a little while because she had to get to work on her census job. So... Marguerite and I got out the raffle quilt to work on. We are determined to get it finished and out of here! We're tired of looking at it and want to start on the next one. Deb brought in some yarn from her aunt so several people took some of that. Tina had combined her smaller blocks into bigger blocks but needed some help figuring out how to make it fit a double bed. She and MaryAnn conferred for awhile and I heard the word yo-yo pop up. MaryAnn showed us her finished her liturgical quilt for the priest at the Catholic Church. There was lots of oohs and aahs over that. I brought in 2 bags I finished over my "staycation." Next week I will be teaching how to make a schlep bag so if you want to participate bring in 16-5 or more in. squares of 8 different fabrics. Tina will be going north after next week and she wanted to learn so I can always teach the class again later if you aren't prepared next week. Fran was working on a small wool piece that will be framed. Hattie is still at work on her sweater. Marie hurt her shoulder last week working on her braided rug. She worked too hard and too long and her shoulder didn't start hurting until that night when it woke her from her sleep. So today she was taking it easy, finishing off a UFO someone here brought in of a small rug hooked table mat. Winnie gave us the information about Agnes' husband who is doing well after his heart bypass. We were are relieved to hear that. We hope he continues to improve and we will keep him in our prayers. We again had some silly conversations: "what I don't understand about those Cialis commercials is why is that couple sitting in 2 outdoor bathtubs?" Rosemary asked this question and we all thought it was funny because we had all asked ourselves the same question! The library is having a mini-booksale and when I told the ladies about it they all got up and walked out--had to go see the books. We had to fill the table up again after their mass purchasess. Thank you ladies--every little bit helps.