Wednesday, May 08, 2013

21 ladies attended today. Two of our snowbirds have returned home: Jean K. and Betsey. It was nice to see them again. I think Jean will stick around for awhile but Betsey is off and running--NJ, AZ, Cape Cod, then who knows where. She doesn't sit still for a minute. We were also pleased to see Cathy Y's daughter Natasha again. Cathy kindly brings her to Nimblefingers when she visits. I have the feeling our two snowbirds who go north for the summer, Tina and Kathy O. are getting ready to set off for their summer adventure. Neither one of them were here yesterday so I bet they are preparing their summer nests. But we had a crowd as it was. Marie's back is feeling better so she was back again and she brought in her almost completed quilt to show us and to get some advice on what to do about borders and backing. So, here's the rundown: Elaine is working on her Grand Canyon table runners; Marguerite is cross-stitching an unfinished project she picked up here; Sandie was crocheting a very interesting looking baby toy; Jean K. was cutting fabric strips and squares; Linda H. was knitting a baby afghan; Natasha was crocheting baby hats; Fran was appliqueing; Sue R. was crocheting a dishcloth but also showed us the bowl cozy you use for microwaving; I brought in some of my fabric stash to give away (I can't believe I did that!); and Jo-Ann was cutting fabric for a workshop which she and I are taking this Friday. I'll be spending my night tonight and tomorrow doing my homework for the class. Last weekend Jo-Ann, myself, Joyce L. and Cathy M. all took a bus trip to the Somers, NY quilt show. It is one of the art-ier quilt shows around and I love it. I always leave with some ideas to try. Everyone in the group is asking questions about my retirement and how it will affect Nimblefingers. I haven't worked it out with my boss yet but I promise I'm not going to quit coming. I expect to have so many projects that I'm working on that I'll have lots of new quilts, and new ideas to show and tell.