Sunday, May 08, 2016

I finally took all the pictures off of my camera so now I need to do a retrospective post of all that's happened since I last wrote.  We've been busy making prayer quilts. One for Winnie, Cathy M., Cathy Y. and Marguerite. I've told my ladies now..."No one else can get sick!" I hope they take my advice. I have 2 pictures with us tying the quilts. Three pictures of the finished quilts. Then I took a picture of Cathy M. with her quilt when Pat OR and I delivered it to her. The last picture is the one we delivered to Winnie. Marguerite's quilt is getting the finishing touches (binding) right now but I hope to give it to her next Tuesday. Her quilt is different: it's not purple (Winnie's favorite color). We made hers from the block that Kathy O. taught us at our open house last February.