Thursday, June 30, 2016

I just read an article about how important blogs are and why you should be diligent about keeping it going. It shamed me into sitting down and just doing it. I need a kick in the pants quite often these day. We have a bunch of new pictures to show  since I haven't written for awhile. The first is Darlene's darling (sorry, I couldn't resist) needlepoint of our very own Nipper. Sue, Betty and Rosalind are in the background.

This is Fran's birthday present for her husband. (Sorry, I don't know how to turn the picture right side up).

The is the front of a 2-sided service quilt that I made. The Delmar guild makes lots of service quilts. They had all of these plaid fabrics cut into 10" squares. I like plaid quilts so I took them and sewed them together. I love the plus sign pattern and it is one I could make without having to do any cutting.

This is the back of the quilt. Again, I didn't have to do any cutting. I still had a bunch of plaid squares leftover. Then I did a silly thing--I told the service person that I would take the whole box of plaid fabric that the guild was trying to give away. I think I spoke without thinking. She was overjoyed (they are desparate to get rid of all of their fabric) and in spite of having broken her shoulder in 4 places, she had someone deliver a box full of plaid fabric to me. I added it to my already almost impassible sewing room saying to myself: "what was I thinking!?"

This is Betty's 90th birthday party. Congratulations Betty! This summer she moved into her new apartment. Needless to say the moving was a real chore and getting used to a new place is not easy either. I'm sure that eventually she'll be very happy about the move though.

Next picture is the t-shirt quilt Daryl made for her granddaughter.
And finally, Pat OR taught some of the ladies at her apartment complex to sew. They wanted to learn to quilt so she taught them to applique the sunbonnet Sue and overall Sam blocks. They raffled off the quilt when finished. I need to ask her who won. Pat and her ladies both did a great job. Isn't it cute! I'll try to keep up with the blog better  so we don't have so many pictures at once.