Wednesday, June 06, 2012

17 ladies attended today. The group was very sad at the loss of our member Linda O'Connor. Her passing was very sudden and took everyone by surprise. She was a truly generous person and will be greatly missed. When the Nimblefingers group began it was just for needlepointers. After a year or two, Linda asked if she could join and lead a quilting branch of the group so for awhile we had 2 groups meeting at the same time, same place. Since so many of us do various kinds of needlework we decided that the needlepointers and the quilters could be friends and became one big group. It's been that way ever since and we take great pleasure in sharing each others love of whatever needlework they are doing. One of Linda's former students, Cathy M. brought in her 2 latest quilts to show. Both were Saturday samplers at the Flying Geese shop and were quilted by Linda Denner and both were beautiful. Cathy does beautiful work so I'm always excited to see her quilts. Deb and I were taking a break from quilting and trying our hands at needlepoint. Deb sat next to Marie so she could get pointers. I on the other hand, was stubbornly determined to make up my own rules as I went along. Elaine S. happily finished the nametag she hand embroidered for the back of her music quilt. Tina is off to her summer camp next week. Cathy O. left for her summer camp last week. It's always fun when they return to see what they've done during the summer. I hope they both have a good time up north.