Thursday, December 21, 2006

December 19th was our annual holiday luncheon. Daryl generously invited us to celebrate at her house this year. She prepared a delicious ham and several of the ladies brought salads. All were delicious. We were a small group but we had a good time. The highlight for me was when Winnie pulled out some old poems to read to us. This led to a conversation about fathers and grandfathers who loved reciting poetry. Marguerite still remembers some of the oft told poems of her fathers' and kindly recited them for us. Later, Sook Rho, the Korean lady who used to come to Nimblefingers joined us. She is still keeping busy working with her husband at their little restaurant. We were all happy to see her but do wish we could see her more often. We talked and talked and ate and ate (Daryl's bon-bons were a hit!) and the time passed quickly. It was a very cosy holiday luncheon.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

14 ladies attended today. Agnes brought in a lovely quilt she's making for her Texas A & M student granddaughter in appropriate school colors. Kathy O. was knitting a dish rag, Hattie a sweater, while Alberta had pulled out an old cross-stitch project to finish. Pat was working on her first quilting projects, two mile-a-minute quilts for her grandchildren. There was lots of talk about the upcoming holidays. Next week we will be having a Christmas lunch at Daryl's house. Therefore, we will not meet again until Jan. 2nd, 2007.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

18 ladies attended today (one being a 4th grade lady). Marion Parmenter brought in a quilt she has just finished. The original appliqued butterfly pieces were made by her grandmother. They were passed down to her and she put them together into a quilt, embroidered and hand quilted. It will be given to her daughter. It was a lovely quilt with wonderful old fabrics some of which may very well have been feed sacks. In contrast, the crazy quilt that I brought in for show and share was made for a scrap challenge. I was given a bag of scraps and had to make something from them. I made a crazy landscape of an unknown planet. It was fun to make but is very silly. I have been trying to plan for our quilt show in February and am giving weekly handouts to the ladies to gather information that I can make into handouts for our open house. An ongoing process.