Tuesday, July 27, 2010

19 ladies attended today--we had a big group! Three knitters today, including Lexi, Marguerite's granddaughter. Marie and Sue were also knitting. Daryl and Rosemary were doing needlework projects today. Winnie was mending a blouse and Ethel brought in a bag pattern she is working on. Jo-Ann also brought in a bag to show us with instructions provided. Then we had a bunch of piecers and applique-ers and those sewing on quilt bindings. Then there were some of us, me included in this group, who were there for the company. I did bring in a quilt to show. Next week I'll bring in the pattern as requested. Deb was getting some advice on her Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. Linda OC came in with lots of info about quilt shows in the area. She must have spent the weekend on the road visiting various shows. Betsey stopped by to let us know that she was still around. She's volunteering out at the airport again and had helped open an art show out there. I read about it in the newspaper--all the art is made of books. It sounded interesting to me but Betsey admitted that it wasn't her cup of tea. Winnie apparently splurged the other day and bought fabric to make quilts for all of her granddaughters (10 of them!). She's very ambitious. Ethel showed us her bag pattern then bid us all adieu--she's on her way to England/Ireland. Lucky her! Pat H. also came by. We haven't seen her for awhile so it was nice to see her again. I took some pictures which I will post when they become available.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We had 13 ladies on Tuesday. Our special show and tell was Ethel's finished cross-stitch piece. As you can see, she does beautiful work! Today there was a lot of talk about food. I notice this of course, because I'm on another diet. I didn't eat any of the cookies but I did listen to the talk! Deb wanted me to announce the bus trip to Lowell Mass. in August. She is thinking of going and would like a companion. Fran's been on that trip before and says it's really good! They go to the New England quilt museum and to a separate show with vendors. I'll be checking my calendar! Today several ladies were doing cross-stitch and/or embroidery. Winnie was appliquing hearts for the wedding quilt she's making. Agnes helped Rosemary some more with a hidden nine-patch quilt. Fran was appliquing leaves. Pat asked if anyone had a 60 degree ruler but all we could tell her was that most long rulers have a 60 degree line on them. Her project would be much easier with a 60 degree template though. Marguerite and I did some more quilting on the future raffle quilt. Jo-Ann came in with a wheeled carrying case for a sewing machine which she was giving away. I took it home with me (I have no more space to store anything here at the library) so if anyone wants it they have to tell me. She was also working on a tulip bag. I'll be eager to see what it looks like finished. She certainly picked lovely fabric for it! Louise was quilting a beautiful red and tan scrap appliqued flower quilt. I tried to take a picture but the camera had a dead battery so I hope she brings it back another time. That's all for now...see you next week!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today 16 ladies attended. Last weekend was the Village Quilters quilt show so we had lots of talk about what a great show it was. Linda C., who is moving to Florida, gave me a box full of books and magazines to give to the ladies plus a lot of quilting stencils. I will keep the stencils here at the library in case anyone wants to use them. Linda OC got out another table to cut up fabric for more schlep bags. Rosemary also had some help from Agnes cutting out another Disappearing 9-patch quilt with pretty fabric she bought at the quilt show. Daryl limped in (she's walking much better now and walks without a walker). She brought in the quilt we made for her wanting signatures from the block maker's who hadn't signed the quilt. Cathy Y. and Marie had a big talk about the different ways of knitting. Not being a knitter myself I really didn't understand what they were talking about. Deb was back from Cape Cod. I think she's ready to go back again at any time. She had a great time kayaking on rivers and in the ocean. Ethel has started a new delicate looking cross-stitch piece and Daryl was cross-stitching a baby bib. June joined us again. She is working on a hand pieced hexagon quilt. And Louise is still making teeny-tiny hand-pieced hexagon flowers for a quilt. Marguerite has discovered the joy of machine piecing and has started a brown and tan star fling quilt. She hasn't stopped hand-piecing altogether though--she still has one she had already started to work on today. She also had added a border to her mile-a-minute quilt and brought in the finished top to show us. She's definitely become the queen of mile-a-minutes! Anyway...it was another nice day in Nimblefingers land.