Wednesday, March 16, 2016

 Here are some more pictures. The first is two of our new Nimblefingers members with some visitors to the quilt show in the background.  The next is Marian and Rose with a table runner. The third is Pat OR's wool table runner (with my feet). Last week we were very busy. I brought my Accuquilt Go to the meeting so Agnes, me and Jeanne K. cut fabrics for the prayer quilts we will make. We passed out pre-cut pieces to everyone. Yesterday they all brought in their finished blocks. We have enough for the 3 quilts I wanted to make, for Winnie, Cathy M. and Cathy Y., but I think we should also make one for Marguerite so we might work on that one Saturday at the National Quilting day program. We will be getting together then to teach how to make a quilt, or in this case, a simple placemat. I'm not expecting a crowd of beginner quilters, so I think we'll have plenty of time to work on our prayer quilts. I have also scheduled some retreats. The only one that is on the library calendar at the moment is on Saturday, March 26th. So Nimblefingers will have that whole day to meet, sew and have lots of fun. I also wanted to schedule a  day in April and May so I'll check on those. The library is only open on Saturday mornings in June through August so no retreats during the summer.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

17 ladies attended yesterday. It was quilt show takedown day. It's always amazing how quickly the show comes down compared to how long it takes to go up. We also counted up the votes on our table runner challenge. Winnie was the big winner with 13 votes. Congratulations Winnie! Her blue and white table runner was indeed beautiful.
I thought over the weekend that we have currently got several members who have been sick lately so I thought we should make some prayer quilts. I planned some at home, told the ladies my plans and passed out some fabric triangles for them to use in making 6" squares for a charm quilt. I will bring in my Accuquilt Go! next week to cut fabric for those who would prefer to use a precut than cutting the triangle themselves. I have another plan for a 3rd quilt which I will bring in next Tuesday as well. We haven't made a group quilt in awhile so I'm hoping that we can get these made in a relatively short time.
Nimblefingers and the Village Quilters alternate making a raffle quilt for the Friends of the Library. We made the last raffle quilt which went at our Open House for our show. The Village Quilters will make a raffle quilt for 2017. That means that we have 2 years to make another raffle quilt. I will start planning one soon so that we can get started with the piecing.
Last week Jeanne Knouse and I did our Save our Stories interview here at the library. This is a project of Quilt Alliance which hopes to document, preserve and share the stories of quilts. We took pictures of our quilt which we made together then sat down with librarian Michelle Reilly who asked us questions about our quilt and our quilting experiences. It was an interesting procedure. I am eager to listen to the interview once they get it posted. The interview should be available as both a written and an audio document. If you are interested in doing an interview, just let Michele know. Check out to see examples of quilt stories.
Another project on my to do list is the program at the library for National Quilting Day, March 19. I hope that this week I can come up with a list of jobs which members can sign up for so that they have some idea of what they will be doing. 
Clearly we have a lot going on now. Plus we need to pick out a new table runner pattern for next year! So little time, so many projects!