Tuesday, October 31, 2006

16 ladies attended today. I was gone last week visiting my mother and her local quilt shop which is why there was no entry for last week. Today is Halloween so I came dressed as a quilt book. Fran brought in a beautiful, soft and warm flannel quilt she had made for her grandson and a Christmas table runner. Fran has obviously been keeping busy. I brought in the Sudoku quilt top that I made while visiting my mother. Jean Kallop brought in her Betty Smith pinwheels quilt top. Today was Jean's last day--she is leaving for Florida tomorrow. Alberta has started a very interesting looking kaleidescope quilt. I am eager to watch it grow.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today we had lunch at Maggie's Cafe on Western Ave. 15 ladies and 1 husband attended. The food was good and we gave the waitress a good work-out. I think we all went home with full tummies. Katherine Denegar was able to come to the lunch. It's always nice to visit with old friends. Next week the book sale will be over and the community room should be cleaned out so we can meet again there. I will not be attending though as I will be visiting my mother in Texas so please enjoy yourselves while I'm gone. I might be coming in with a new project when I return so get ready!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

21 ladies attended today. Cathy Maikoff and Anne Kodra played with some of the blocks we have made and pulled some together for another prayer quilt. Marguerite Flint took them home to sew together. Margot continued with her personalized instruction of Edith. Kathy Olsen was back from her summer on the lake. Hope we'll start seeing more of her now. Darryl Webb brought in her finished crazy quilt top. She hopes to start embellishing it soon. Anne Bave brought in a Christmas tree skirt she had made and Pat Hammond had some Christmas ornaments she had made. Agnes Weaver is giving Winnie Childs personal lessons on making the table runner that Louise Claflin taught us this summer. A nice time was had by all. Next week we go out to lunch (although one member informed me that we are out to lunch every week). They will be setting the community room up for the book sale so we will be kicked out. So we will be having lunch at Maggie's Cafe (1186 Western Ave.) at 12:00. See you there!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Today 19 ladies attended. After the partying last week we were a little more subdued today. Margot is still working with Edith on her attic window piece. Pat Hammond needed a demo using Steam-a-seam 2 for iron-on applique so Darryl and Margot helped us do that. Darryl brought in her crazy quilt blocks, laid them out and the group had fun advising her on the best layout. Jean Kallop brought in one of her early quilts, an embroidered cat quilt, which she had tied but now wanted to quilt. Betty Smith brought in some more freebies--Brooks Brothers shirting fabric samples. Winnie was back today with a good report on her husband's health.