Tuesday, October 30, 2007

20 ladies attended today. Daryl brought some heavenly zucchini cake and Pat brought some yummy pumpkin bread so we ate well! Kathy Olsen brought in our raffle quilt completely finished! She even put on the binding! Thank you Kathy! I'll bring in a nametag to sew on and we'll be all set to give it to the Friends of the Library to raffle. Today we pulled out a quilt top I had made to donate to our lap quilt cause and made a sandwich of it. I guess we'll have to discuss whether we want to tie it or machine quilt it. Now that we have the sewing machines that might actually be quicker. I had made this quilt in an untitled pattern which is great for using up your scraps so I demonstrated how it is made. Maybe we'll make one after we finish the mile-a-minute quilt that is still in progress. Pat Boyagian, one of our newcomers, brought in some great kids quilts she had made out of heavy, fancy knits. They were very heavy, very colorful and I'm sure are very warm and cozy for her kids. Daryl and Betsy also brought in kids quilts they had made for show-and-share. Today Cathy Y. and Jean K. both brought in freebies--fabric and patterns. And finally, I'm looking for plastic tri-glide belt buckles for a project for the junior Nimblefingers. I'll take any donations! Don't forget, this Sunday afternoon Lori Lupe Pelish will be here at the library showing and talking about her hooked rugs. 1:30 to 3:30--free! Her quilts are to die for so I can't wait to see her rugs!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

20 ladies attended today. I pulled out the mile-a-minute pieces and worked on that. Marguerite came and helped me. It's coming together now. Kathy Olsen has been hand quilting the log cabin quilt. It is almost entirely quilted now. She's going to check her stash for something to use for the binding. There was lots of knitting going on today. The Methodist Church craft sale is coming up so there is a push to get items for that ready. And Christmas is on the way. The time when crafters get super busy. Betsey Hoffman brought in a avery old and worn crazy quilt. She found it in the bottom of a box and has no idea where it came from. But the embroidery stitches were terrific!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

17 ladies attended today. Next week we can't meet in the community room as they will be setting up for the annual book sale. So instead, we're going out to lunch. We will be meeting at 12:30 at the Cat's Meow on Route 155. Fran says they have a great lobster roll for $9.99. I'll call ahead and warn them that we're coming. Today Marie brought in her braided rug to show us how it's done. I brought in a quilt top to sandwich and Kathy Olsen brought in a completed lap quilt. MaryAnn, Marie and I sewed some more mile-a-minute blocks. I think we have enough now to make a quilt. We're really going to town on these lap quilts! The seniors of New Scotland will stay warm this winter! Diana from the Gloversville Sewing Center was supposed to come to teach us to use our machines but she forgot. Instead she's coming on Nov. 6. Hopefully any problems we have with them will show up by then and we can show her and get help.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

14 ladies attended today including a couple of new people. I got out the sewing machines again and we continued making mile-a-minute blocks. We must have almost 20 blocks by now. Next week Diane from the Gloversville Sewing Center is coming and she will give us instruction on the sewing machines and the week after that the community room will be closed for the book sale and we will be going out to lunch. So we won't get back to our block making until Tuesday the 23rd. But we picked out some possible lattice fabric so we're ready to go. Cathy Maikoff did double duty helping with the blocks and helping the new folks with knitting. They had some beautiful yarn they were working with. And MaryAnn Morrison who came for the first time last week was here again. We succeeded in getting her totally addicted to mile-a-minute blocks. She thought it was better than Freecell and for all of us who have dealt with that addiction we know what she is talking about. Next week Marie Russell is also going to bring in her braided rugs to show us. She took some of the donated polyester fabric to use in her rugs and people were asking her to demonstrate braided rug making. For show and share I brought in the little needle felted bag I made last week. It was from a kit--I just wanted to try out needle felting. It was fun!