Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last week I was on vacation but did attend Nimblefingers with my sister who was visiting from Tucson. 15 ladies attended last week and 15 ladies attended this week. Last week my sister and I sandwiched another camp quilt I had made, plus 2 of my own personal quilts. This week I sewed a binding on the Helping Hands lap quilt for the V.A. hospital. This week was special because our friend Louise Claflin from Florida is back. She brought with her a family history quilt she had made. It was a quilt with 9 state blocks from the 9 states she has lived in with pictures taken while living in those states. Louise always has something wonderful to show us on her return and she didn't disappoint this year. Also showing today was Ethel with her very nearly completed bride cross-stitch. With around 400 beads it was truly beautiful. She and her daughter are taking it to be framed, then going to Mexico for the wedding so the framed work should be ready when they return. Cathy Y. did some more quilting on our raffle quilt; Fran was making applique leaves; Jean K. was working on an appliqued bird block; Marguerite's granddaughter Alexandra popped in to show me her finished mile-a-minute pillow top she is making for her mother. She did an excellent job!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yesterday we had 12 ladies. Marguerite brought in the 3 finished quilts she has worked on for the Camp Erin kids and we hung them on the wall. The room already looks brighter! By next week we may be adding a couple more to the wall. For a small group, I think we're doing pretty well on this project. Pat and Agnes tied the quilt Agnes had made. I sewed Winnie's quilt so that it would flip properly, then Pat, Winnie, Agnes and Cathy tied it. I sewed on the binding to a quilt we had finished a couple of weeks ago. Marguerite took it home to finish the hand sewing. And Winnie took hers home to do the finishing touches. I will take pictures of our wall next week and post them. This weekend Cathy M., Fran, Marie and I are attending the Wings Falls Quilt show. It's always a good one so I'm looking forward to it! Here is a picture of the Village Quilters annual raffle quilt.