Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today we had 21 ladies at Nimblefingers. Last week we were lucky to welcome Cathy Y.'s daughter Tasha, and this week we were happy to meet Marie's daughter Maria. She lives in Californial and regularly reads the blog to keep up with her mother's doings. I'm very happy that both daughters were able to visit. Pat OR was back today. She's been home sick but still working on her table runner. She sent it out to be quilted and now just needs to finish the binding. She's the number 1 table runner finisher. Prizes will come later and she definitely has earned one. Deb made her sit down and explain this crazy table runner to her so she can be #2. This was my idea and my pattern and I won't be surprised if I'm #last. All quilting has been postponed for me until after the wedding. Speaking of which, I showed everyone my pictures of me in my dress, shoes and new fancy hair-do. I think everyone approved so I guess I can check wedding clothes off my worry list. Joyce spent her lunch half hour with us laying out a quilt to pin. It was made from a panel of children's illustrator Eric Carles' pictures so was very colorful, cheerful and bright. It would be very nice for a little kid but this quilt is to be for the little kid in Joyce. They make a lot of panels now from children's books. I know I see them and want to buy them so it must be a real temptation for Joyce who is a children's librarian. I've resisted so far but it's really hard. They are sooo cute! Jo-Ann got some instruction today from Cathy M. and Fran on doing redwork. She's been wanting to try something new and both Cathy and Fran are embroidering now--Cathy in red and Fran in blue. We do seem to have a lot of embroidering going on lately. That's good--it shows what broad horizons we have within our little group. Today was a lot of fun and I know next week will be too.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuesday we had 20 ladies at Nimblefingers. Linda H. brought in her finished punch-quilt picture. She picked it up when the Jacksons brought in all of the freebies and decided to try it out. It turned out very nice. She's going to keep it so that we can put it in our show in February. It's surprisingly lightweight, much easier to make than a quilt, but still looks like a quilt. Because Tuesday was 3 days ago and I had a root canal on Wednesday I don't really remember what else happened on Tuesday. I do know that we had a good time, as usual, and that many of the ladies signed up for the Sue Pritt workshop in September (the 8th). The other picture I am showing here is of the raffle quilt for this year. It was made by the Village Quilters and is made from selvages. It's very bright and fun to put together. The Friends of the Library will begin selling raffle tickets at the book sale which begins on Friday, Sept. 14th. I know I plan to buy a few tickets. It's really quite a unique looking quilt.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

14 ladies attended yesterday--a small but happy group. Maxine was back and brought with her the beautiful rug she had hooked and was ready to add the backing. She and Marie go way back--they were hookers (rug hookers of course) together. The designs they made were just too beautiful! Maxine would go to a workshop in Vermont for a week to learn a new design and it paid off because her rugs are tremendous! Sandie had also finished her hardanger piece which she began in a class with the Embroiderers Guild. It too was gorgeous! I came in with supplies to sandwich a quilt. I was trying out my batting tape for the first time. No one else had tried it either so we were all eager to see how it worked and it did--work that is. With 5 of us pinning the sandwich was quickly made. Joyce joined us today. She has a kids sewing workshop today and needed to make sure the machines all worked. For those ladies who weren't there today, they missed a delicious pecan cake made by Winnie and a lemon cake/bread made by Daryl. Yummy!