Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Only 9 ladies today. The weather was rainy, cold and miserable and I can't say that I blame anyone for staying home. It's a good day to stay home and sew, read, watch TV or anything just so long as you don't have to get your feet wet. Fran brought in a beautiful, graphic flannel quilt top. It is quite eye-catching. I brought in the 2 lap quilts I've finished: one a scrap quilt, the other my bug jar quilt. Daryl joined us with tales of delivering numerous lap quilts and tons of clothes to the hilltowns for another group she belongs to. Fran also
brought in a pieced turkey wall hanging which Daryl is working on at home and Pat O'R was working on here. I pulled out the raffle quilt and filled in some more squares with hand quilting. Cathy Y. was our knitter today. A small but comfortable group. Let's hope it stops raining soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I forgot an important highlight of yesterday's meeting! Cathy M., knowing of my fondness for silly socks, made a grand entrance, with pant legs rolled up, displaying her brand new special Halloween eyeball socks! Way to go Cathy! Do I have a great bunch of ladies or what!?!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

12 ladies attended today. Yesterday I received a letter from our friend Katherine Denegar. She has moved to Connecticut now and is being cared for by Russ's son. It sounds like she is in good hands. I was really glad to hear from her and have her address and phone if anyone wants them. Kathy O. was back from her summer home. She brought in 2 quilts she had made and hand-quilted. Plus, while she was up north she had access to a loom so she also brought in a beautiful rug she had woven. Our Kathy is very talented. Fran brought in a gorgeous bright quilt top in a 9-patch pattern. The Village Quilters want to have a challenge with this pattern for their next (2010) quilt show. I think Fran has already won that challenge--I can't imagine a more perfect fabric selection than she has. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the camera so didn't get any pictures. Maybe they'll both hang these items in our February quilt show and I can take pictures then. Marie brought in a huge bag full of patterns to give away. I brought in a handful. She took 1 of my patterns and I must have taken 20 of hers. So much for my trying to get rid of stuff! I made cupcakes last night to bring in. A rarity for me; I don't do much baking anymore. Deb is trying to find a home for a 27" TV. If you know of anyone who needs one let her know.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

11 ladies attended lunch today at the Butcher's Block restaurant. Betsy was still in town so she was able to join us and Kathy O. was back from her summer home so she came too. Butcher's Block is known for their salad bar and wonderful bread so we all had the salad bar and some ordered a sandwich to take home for supper. We learned that our very own Pat H. is off on a trip to the Holy Lands. I hope she has a great trip. Betsy is heading back to New Jersey today. Jean K. will be heading back to Florida probably next week. Fran will be going to China in November. But the rest of us will be right here, holding down the fort. See you next Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

11 ladies attended yesterday one of whom was our special guest Betsey Hoffman. She had to return to the area to do paperwork so stopped by to visit us. Just in time too--we were able to present her with the quilt we made for her. Being a new widow she needs all the support she can get so I hope we were able to offer some comfort to her. Other things going on...Linda O'C cut up a sweatshirt to make another of her beautiful remade sweatshirts. The ladies at the end of the table were working on their church bazaar items. Marguerite was hand quilting a small 4-patch posey. I pulled out the raffle quilt to hand quilt. Cathy C. came with books and patterns to give away. Next week were are going out to lunch at the Butcher Block at 12:30. If you haven't been to Nimblefingers in awhile but read the blog please join us for lunch. We are all hoping that Alberta and Nancy will join us again. We haven't seen them for awhile. Yesterday people were asking about Alberta and about Katherine (the cat lady). Well, last night after leaving the drug store I drove by Katherine's house. It was dark and there was a for sale sign in front so I guess her step-son-in-law finally moved them to Connecticut. I hope she will send us a letter giving us her address soon. I'm sure she'd love to hear from us.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

15 ladies attended today. Fran told us a tale of woe suffered by her husband in a freak accident with his truck. As unhappy as he is being stuck at home recovering, it could have been a lot worse. Thank heavens for small miracles. Judith Wing, a retired catalog librarian from SUNY, attended for the first time today. She had attended one of our quilt shows and wanted to check us out. I hope she liked what she saw and will come back again. Tony Kormos who attended for the first time 2 weeks ago returned today with a very big cross-stitch project--a tablecloth. She's got a lot of work ahead of her! Ethel and I had a very lively and animated talk about our favorite TV show Project Runway. It's kind of hard to sell the show to people who don't have cable but boy, you get two fans together and they just can't shut up! Marguerite brought her granddaughter Alexandra today since school is out for the Jewish holidays. Winnie was making a Christmas wreath, Fran some holiday placemats, Cathy C. a tree skirt--lots of people getting ready for the holidays. Best of all though, last night I got a call from Betsey Hoffman who is returning to Voorheesville to take care of business and will be stopping by Nimblefingers. It will be nice to see her again and to see her for a pleasant occasion. She's going through a lot right now and I know we all want to be there for her. Also, last night Betty Smith informed me that she wants to return to Nimblefingers if someone will drive her. Any volunteers out there? Don't worry Betty, we'll arrange something. We want to see you again too.