Wednesday, November 24, 2010

18 ladies attended this week. I brought in the raffle quilt--I finished quilting it! I cut off the excess and now I need to find some fabric for the binding and get that ready. I would like to have it completely finished by the new year. I also brought in a small wall hanging I made out of 5" squares which I received from Mr. B's preview packet club ( This was my 2nd pack from them. I still haven't done anything with the first pack and now I've received the 3rd. It's fun to get fabric in the mail and the club isn't too expensive so it's fun. Ethel brought in the 4 bags she has made for her daughters and daughter-in-law for Christmas. She bought a really nice pattern at the Village Quilters quilt show last summer (from Log Cabin fabrics) and has definitely gotten her money's worth from it. Betsey brought in two almost identical quilts she is making for the sisters of the bride from a wedding she attended this summer. The father of the bride loved the quilt she had made for the bride and groom so commisioned her to make 2 more. They are truly lovely quilts! Then Linda brought in a quilt she had won a prize on in a show in Florida. The black & white and some color quilt was great but what Linda really likes is the fancy ribbon she won. It has a cloth flower on it and is quite spectacular for a prize. She also brought in her table topper from the Kris Dreissen workshop. She chose very different fabrics so hers looks different from any I've seen so far. Kathy O. discovered that her table topper fits perfectly on a table she has so hers has now found a good home. Deb is giving hers to her mother along with a table runner she was working on today. I was looking at the Quiltbug website the other day ( She (Kris Driessen) has a really great website! She has a place where you can go to calculate the amount of fabric needed for a specific quilt; she has quilt block patterns; just about anything you need to know is on her site. Give it a look--I think you'll agree it's a fantastic site!

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