Tuesday, August 20, 2013

11 ladies attended today--a small group. Must be summer vacation time! Rosemary greeted us with unfortunate news: Marie was in the hospital. She developed a high fever Saturday night so they took her to the ER. At first they thought she had double pneumonia but the diagnosis was later changed to a urinary tract infection. She should be home tomorrow. Her daughter from California is visiting and I know Marie wanted to bring her to Nimblefingers but it looks like she might not make it this year. Marie was probably lucky that her daughter was staying with her and could be here to take care of her. Other Nimblefinger news, Jo-Ann was back from visiting her son and family in Seattle. She had managed a trip to a quilt show so brought in her new goodies to show us. Fran was also back--from her stint at the Altamont fair. She reported on her bus trip to Lowell, Mass. to the quilt show and quilt museum. It was an adventurous trip with traffic jams on the Mass turnpike and one person getting locked on the bus at a stop. I don't know about the quilt show, but I think the New England Quilt Museum is a great place. It's small but really nice. She said the exhibit there was on "cheddar" quilts. I saw a talk on "cheddar" quilts at the Houston quilt festival one year so I know exactly what she was talking about--a lot of "cheddar" quilts came from a particular area of North Carolina where they made the dye that produced the color cheddar. I was told that the bus to the show was full but apparently it was actually only half full (people may have decided to skip it because it was a very rainy day). I'm sorry I missed it. Other news, Agnes showed Winnie how to take pictures with her cell phone camera so she proceeded to take pictures of all of us. She particularly wanted to get pictures of Joan who will be moving eventually to Delaware. Joan assured me that she will probably be here through the winter so Winnie doesn't need to start missing her yet. Joan brought in some needle work projects to give away as she is trying to downsize. Cathy M also brought in a big stack of quilt magazines to give away. We all want to get rid of our excess. Cathy Y wasn't here today because her daughter is coming for a visit. Maybe we'll see her daughter next week. She's a knitter so Cathy often brings her to the group. That's all the news for today. Hi to Kathy O and Tina, our campers! We miss you!