Wednesday, September 30, 2009

18 ladies attended today. Tina was back from her summer up north. Kathy O. will return later I suspect. We had a good crowd. Kristin set up some tables to lay out, pin and start tying her antique grandmothers flower garden. Marguerite brought in her finished mile-a-minute quilt which she hopes to sell for $350 that she will give to her granddaughter to help pay for the sports camp in Aruba she will be attending next summer. So if you know of anyone looking for a nice quilt--call Marguerite. I'm taking it to the Apple Fest this weekend and we'll see if it will sell there. Which reminds me, the Apple Fest is this weekend at the Altamont Fairgrounds. The Village Quilters are having their last show and sale in the Dutch barn. Hopefully it will be a nice weekend--the Apple Fest is a fun time particularly on a beautiful fall day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

11 ladies attended today. Pat H. was our knitter today. She was making a hat on her little knitting machine. Agnes sewed the binding on an angel wall hanging. Winnie was copying a purchased Christmas wall hanging--quilted with yo-yos. She wants to make a few to sell at the church bazaar. Rosemary was working on her cross-stitch wall hanging. Marie was piecing the border of a quilt. Cathy Y. brought in a baby quilt panel she had purchased. We laid it out and made the quilt sandwich and she began quilting it. Kristin got out a sewing machine and sewed the borders on her antique grandmother's flower garden quilt. Deb was painstakingly sewing her flowers together on her antique grandmother's flower garden quilt. Marguerite pulled out the raffle quilt to add some more quilting stitches to. And I mingled. We had a small group today. I know Kathy M. is getting ready for her granddaughter's wedding but I don't know where everyone else was. I had some sad news this week. Our former member Anne Bave is doing very poorly. We shared some memories about Anne.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

11 ladies attended today. Last weekend the drawing was held for our raffle quilt (a mile-a-minute quilt). It was won by Warren Schlichkenrider. I hope he is very pleased with it. The highlight of today was seeing Ethel's bride cross-stitch framed! It is absolutely stunning! A marvelous piece of work! Also Kristin brought in a quilt top she made some time ago and became disenchanted with when she discovered that she had made a mistake in the piecing. She showed it to us and none of us could see the mistake. Even when she pointed it out it didn't look like a mistake so I think we convinced her that she should go ahead, finish it, and be proud of her work. Then she pulled out another quilt top that needed a border. She didn't know what fabric to use for the border. She and I studied it for awhile and decided that she was thinking too narrowly in her color choices so she pulled out some sample fabric with color that she could take to the fabric store. I'm sure she'll find the perfect piece. Marguerite pulled out the next raffle quilt and continued hand quilting. Pat H. and Winnie were tying a couple of quilts. Cathy Y. was knitting. Rosemary stopped by for a little while just to take a break from her unpacking: she just moved. And, Pat H. brought in some zucchini bread and homemade chocolate and peanut butter candies. Yummy! Another typically pleasant day in Nimblefingers.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

11 ladies attended today. Winnie and Jean were working on a quilt together. Pat O. had bought a halloween panel at a fabric store. When she put together the backing fabric she got inspired and appliqued some ghosts and cats. So now her quilt is going to be reversible--beautiful on both sides! Ethel was finishing up a small cross-stitch to make it frame-ready. It had the word STITCHING in cross-stitch with sewing charms by each letter. Very nice. I took down all of the camp quilts today. They will be picked up on Friday. I still have to finish tying one as does Joyce L. Jean says she has one at home to finish too. Deb came in today with tales of giant campfires at her camp in the Adirondacks. A bunch of us got together yesterday and went to the movie Julie & Julia. We had a good time.

Friday, September 04, 2009

I skipped a week in my blogging. On August 26th we had a good show-and-share. Jean Kallop showed us her cute flower pincushions. Fran also brought in her completed kewpie doll quilt plus the newspaper patterns from a very old New Brunswick newspaper given to her by Marguerite.
I skipped a week in my blogging. On August 26th we had a good show-and-share. Jean Kallop showed us her cute flower pincushions.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

21 ladies attended today. Daryl brought in a delicious brown sugar walnut cake. Yummy! Remember--the library is putting together a community cookbook and the Nimblefingers will have their own chapter so bring in some recipes. Samples are nice, but optional. Pat H. taught several ladies how to make a braided ribbon scissors holder. Marguerite brought in a finished mile-a-minute quilt top to lay out and pin. She's making this quilt to raffle. The proceeds will go to help her granddaughter Rebecca go to an international collegiate baseball camp in Aruba next summer. We began tying the quilt but only finished about half. Marguerite brought in 3 grandchildren today: Lexie (who I call Alexandra), Amy and little Nathan. I brought in 2 camp quilts to sew on the binding. Kristen was using the sewing machine to put a binding on her beautiful black and silver star quilt. She also brought in an antique grandmother's flower garden to show. Deb was working on her antique flower garden so the two compared notes. Ethel has started a new cross-stitch piece: my old West Virginia home. It will be very nice when finished. We're still trying to find a time when a bunch of us can get together to see the movie Julie and Julia. We have a long weekend coming up so I'll see if I can't arrange it. Linda Crannell has asked me to advertise the Betty party so here is the information:

Betty Smith Celebration!

An event is planned to honor the spirit of Betty. She died this year on June 9. Betty was a longtime citizen of Voorheesville and a Nimblefingers member. This party is for all to gather and celebrate her life. Come for an afternoon of food and fun. It will be at the Voorheesville library, 1-4 PM on Sunday, October 25th. Please save the date and join us.

Betty's 100th birthday would have been this Friday. As a result, I've been thinking about her all week. It will be nice to celebrate her life with her friends and family. I know we have all missed her.