Friday, March 29, 2013

On Tuesday we had 20 ladies in attendance. Fran asked to use a sewing machine so I got out the one which I had just had in for servicing. It worked like a dream Fran said. She was making another jelly roll quilt out of pink fabrics. It should be very pretty. Deb and Linda spent the time looking at boats for sale on ebay. Deb wants to buy a new boat. She's working on building a fleet just for her. Pat OR is nearly finished with her penny rug which doesn't have any pennies on it but is beautiful flowers and leaves. Elaine was planning her Grand Canyon table runner. She has purchased fabrics with a desert look so that she can make a memory table runner of her vacation rafting down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. Marie said she was about birthday-d out. She had at least 3 separate birthday parties so was ready to get back to normal. She has a quilt top nearing completion so when she gets the back ready we'll head over to the Quiltsmith to spend some of her birthday present from Nimblefingers. (I know, I know... I still haven't downloaded the birthday pictures. I'll try to do that this weekend). Easter is coming up this weekend so Easter bunny Jo-Ann brought in a basket full of Easter candy baggies--one for each of us. Next year I'm going to buy her some bunny ears.  She's very sweet to think of us. Jo-Ann was also taking lessons from Kathy O. on how to crochet the swirly scarf. She's already knitting one but wanted to know how to crochet one too. Cathy M. was knitting socks, Marguerite and Joan were cross-stitching and Agnes was crocheting more scrubbies. Everyone was keeping busy except me who had only brought books to look at. Someone brought in some giveaway fabric which seemed to disappear quickly. Anyway, as usual, a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

20 ladies attended today. It was a special day--we celebrated Marie's 90th birthday! We had cake, singing, cards and a present but best of all Marie told us some of her stories. We all had a wonderful time. She loves the group and we all love her so it was a very nice time. Rosemary (whose job it was to make sure Marie came today) brought Nancy who is a friend of hers and Marie's. She's also the sister of Dorothy Colvin, the original leader of Nimblefingers so I was happy to see her there. Tina brought a friend, Gladys and our friend Elaine L. also came today. Tina was learning to crochet the scarf everyone has been making. Jo-Ann was on the other side of the table knitting the same scarf. I may have to give it a try one of these days, otherwise I'll be the only one in the group who doesn't have one! Kathy O. and I both brought quilts for Marguerite to take to the hospital for the terminal patients. I took some pictures today but on my own personal camera. I'll have to go home and download them before I can add them to this post. So keep watching!