Tuesday, January 07, 2014

9 ladies attended today. It was really cold outside so I was surprised that even 9 came. We have had a two week break since the library was closed on Tuesday, Dec. 24 and Tuesday, Dec. 31 so we haven't seen each other for awhile. I know I missed everyone but somehow I managed to be busy enough that I didn't get together with anyone over the break. Pat L. came in today with a pile of newly finished items. She made a short table runner in our challenge pattern. She says she's making a longer one too. It is much simpler so I hope a lot of people make them. She has also been doing some embroidered wool work. She made a beautiful bird candle mat, a small candy cane mat, and a very cute Christmas stocking. I hope they will all be in our February show. Kathy O. was very excited today. Not only has Downton Abbey started again, but she has purchased the fabric and downloaded the patterns to make a Downton Abbey quilt out of Downton Abbey fabric. Andover has created a line of fabrics for 4 of the different female characters. They will try to feature some of the fabrics this season on the show so we'll have to look carefully at the costumes. Kathy bought the Sibyl line of fabrics which were a little brighter and more fun than that of Violet and Mary. Edith's line was also colorful but Kathy preferred Sibyl's fabric. It's always fun to see Kathy so excited about something. She will begin by working on a mystery quilt created by the Joyful Quilter shop. Unfortunately, they didn't have in stock all of the fabric she needs but I bet Kathy finds those blocks she can make now and have them ready next week! Kathy also brought in her second One-block Wonder quilt. She made two this summer and they are quite spectacular. Tina brought in an almost finished sampler quilt--she was working on the binding. We're getting some sneak previews of what will be in our February show. Our old friend Elaine L. was back today too with her spinning wheel. She was spinning yarn made of silk and cashmere. We all had to pet it and ooh and aah over it. I hope next week the weather is better and we have a bigger turnout. We need to do some serious discussing and planning about the quilt show.