Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today 16 ladies attended, two of which were new to the group. As we were leaving last week 2 ladies from the scrapbooking group (which meets after us) expressed interest in Nimblefingers so we encouraged them to come. They did and seemed very happy with the group. Jo-Anne is still cleaning out her craft room and brought in 3 bins of books, card making supplies and miscellaneous sewing items. Needless to say, we are very happy to help her with her project. We left what was left for the scrapbookers to look at and put away. Jean showed us her Christmas tree wall hanging which was absolutely beautiful! It's just a little tree, all decorated with tiny ornaments, a small red border and gold binding. It was very well done. Just beautiful! I brought in a couple more placemats I've made trying to use up my purple and yellow scraps from my Village quilters challenge. One of the new members, Carole, showed us an entire alphabet of cross-stitch teddy bear letters. They are very cute and will make a nice little quilt. Pat L. brought in the basket she restored. It originally came full of Linda O'Connor fabric and was quite crumbly. But Pat fixed it up like new. I claimed the basket first thing so when Pat said she wanted to take it home and fix it I thought that was great. I plan to give her a quilt. A fair trade for our separate labors. Tomorrow Jo-Anne and I are going to visit Marie at the nursing home. She is apparently not doing very well and is extremely unhappy about being sent to a nursing home. I hope we can cheer her up a little. We'll let you know.