Tuesday, September 23, 2008

14 ladies attended today. Tina was back from camp and joined us today. We're still waiting for Kathy O. to return. Pat H. brought in a cherry cobbler and Daryl a chocolate cake with pumpkin cream cheese frosting. Yum! Yum! I worked on our quilt for a friend--machine quilting. I was using our brother machine, with walking foot and with the pre-wound bobbins that Marie had given us and guess what? Everything worked! Hooray! I hadn't tried any of those things before so it's nice to know things work the way you want. Daryl brought in two lap quilts to tie for her service project. Winnie was working on a quilt for her sister in Alaska. I heard some talk around the table about traveling: the places people had been, the things they had tried. It sounded interesting but I did hear: "I'd like to try that but my husband would never do that!" Husbands...what do you do with them! Fran is going to be leaving for China soon. I'm not sure if anyone else has any trips planned. I know I don't. The highlight of the afternoon was when Jean Kallop came in. We had made a quilt for her and her husband and have been waiting to give it to her. So we were very happy to present her with our quilt. She was happy to receive it--this is one she can keep and use. Most of her quilts she has to give away. I'll put in the picture soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

12 ladies attended today and we've attracted a new lady! Antonia (Tony) Kormos recently moved to town and heard about us so came to see what we were all about. She brought in a sample of her weaving to show us. It was a sampler made with beautiful colors! We were all very impressed. Today Marie brought in some yarn and magazines to give away plus a bag full of pre-wound bobbins. I'll try those in our sewing machine and see how they work. Marguerite and I hand-basted a quilt. I'll try machine quilting on our machines next week. We've never actually tried them with the walking foot. Daryl and Fran are enjoying using up their small scraps making premie quilts. Pat O., Cathy M. and Marie are all appliquing blocks. Cathy Y. is knitting a vest for herself. Daryl treated us today with a delicious apple cake and Marie surprised us with some apple cider donuts. Yum, yum!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

12 ladies attended today. The quilt we have been making for one of our members is finished. Someone will call the person to see if she can make it to our next meeting so that we can give it to her. I pieced a top for another quilt to go to a member who is having a hard time. I'm not giving the names of these people in case they read the blog but all will be revealed in time. I had many cards for people to sign for sympathy and illness. Our group seems to be going through a bad time right now. But those of us here are still going strong. Marie worked on her red and white hawaiian quilt today. Fran and Daryl and maybe some others are making premie quilts, placemats and lap quilts to give away. Marguerite is working on another 9-patch posey. Cathy Y. and Connie were our knitters today while Pat H. was crocheting an afghan. For a minute there was a discussion of politics which is clearly a sensitive issue so it didn't last long. Pat H. is also looking for scraps to send to her schoolteacher daughter to use for crafts. Our group is always so busy with so many different projects. It is a hard-working group.

Friday, September 05, 2008

I have some sad news for my Nimblefingers ladies. Last weekend Dorothy Colvin (Dot) passed away. Dot started the group way back when, originally as a needlework group then expanding it to an "all types of needles" group. Dot was full of energy and always tried to give the group whatever they wanted. I know she was very proud of being able to offer a friendly and supportive group for mostly senior ladies (or ladies of all ages) where they could share and show off their needlework skills. Dot was very independent and completely non-traditional in her thinking--she always thought out of the box. I admired her greatly. I hoped that I could develop the independent spirit and the willingness and fearlessness to follow my dreams that she displayed in her lifetime. Dot and I were hired at the library at the same time, sharing a 1/2 time position. Dot always believed that there was a reason for everything so there must have been a reason we had been brought together in this way. Whatever that reason might be, I'm glad that I had the opportunity to get to know Dorothy Colvin.
And more sad news, Alberta, who we haven't seen much of lately, lost her husband this week. Roy joined us ladies several times at our luncheons and he struck me as a kind and gentle man with a sense of humor--just like Alberta. I know you will all join me in expressing my condolences to Alberta, Crystal, Nancy, Edie and all of the Pahl family.