Tuesday, August 30, 2016

20 ladies attended today--a big group! I forgot to take my camera so I have no pictures though we did have quilts shown that I could have taken a picture of. Darlene had whipped up a pretty little quilt out of some of the fabrics that Jo Anne had brought in. The bright colors made it a happy quilt. She's giving it to Rose who really liked it and wasn't able to come to Nimblefingers on the days that Jo Anne gave away fabric. Diane finished making the little Benartex pack that I had given her. With the collection of 5" squares it made a pretty little wall hanging. Again, very colorful. I finished sewing the binding on a quilt which I am giving to the Friends of the Library to sell in a silent auction. Joyce was sewing the binding on her red, white and blue quilt. Elaine was back from her vacation to Montana. She had lots of tales to tell. Several of the knitters are working on turquoise scarves. That is such a beautiful color that it's hard to decide which is prettiest. Pat L. suggested that we need a new address list. Pat H. suggested we have a time when people can share tips, tricks, ideas for their craft. I'll work on that idea because I think we all could learn these little things from each other. We will be meeting next week, the day after labor day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I missed writing in the blog last week. We had a big crowd--about 19 ladies. Joyce brought in her finished red, white and blue quilt. She purchased the fabric at the Joyful Quilter when the Village Quilters helped on the Quilted in Honor show. The pattern was on the Quilted in Honor website. Her daughter-in-law did the quilting on her long arm.
This week Diane brought in her turkey table runner and quilt but the batteries in my camera were dead so I couldn't take a picture. Maybe I'll see if she could bring them again next week. Today we only had 14 people. It seemed small in comparison. Linda came in towards the end. We haven't seen her for awhile since she's been feeding the Knox seniors. She's going to start doing some string art and macrame so she says we'll have some variety in the 2017 Feb. quilt show. That's nice. I like variety. So today I was sewing the binding on a lap quilt I'm hoping the the Friends of the library will raffle off. Diane was making yo-yo's which she hopes to turn into a table runner. Another bit of variety for our show. Rose was working on a round robin quilt. She and 3 of her cousins, all quilters and one of whom is Darlene, are doing this round robin. The one Rose was working on was really nice (where's my camera when I need it!) She and Darlene showed me pictures of the other beginning blocks in the round robin. They made some very decorative blocks. They should all end up with beautiful quilts. Pat L. says we should do a round robin too. I'll have to start thinking about that and figure out how to time it. Rose told me a nice story about her cousins. Rose lived in Schenectady before moving to Albany. She belonged to Q.U.I.L.T.S. So did her cousin Darlene. At one meeting Rose heard a voice that sounded familiar. She followed it and it turned out to be Darlene who she hadn't seen for a long time. They got together occasionally after that but now, with Nimblefingers, they see each other every week. I think that's a great story and I'm so glad that Nimblefingers can play a part in bringing them together. Family is so important. And when you share a common interest like quilting it's wonderful to be able to do it together. They both regret not getting together sooner with their other quilting cousins to share their love. Since my family is all on the other side of the Mississippi River I'm always envious of those who have family right here or nearby. So, for those of you with family nearby, see them often. Enjoy being together. Share your interests, feelings, thoughts, etc. Life is fleeting so take advantage of the time you have.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Today we had 15 ladies. Jo Anne has had a professional organizer help her get her sewing room in shape so today she brought in 2 big bags full of fabric. It was mostly kid oriented so we pulled out all of the 1/2 yard and larger pieces and put them aside for the pillowcase people, Ryan's case for smiles. They will be coming to Nimblefingers on Sept. 13th so we will give them the fabric then. Jo Anne can probably get a tax deduction if she asks. The picture is after the rush. I should have taken a before and after picture. Oh well. We also had lots of food today--a real spread.

Darlene brought in a quilt made by her aunt.  It's a victorian lady pattern only recently quilted by someone in Pennsylvania. Very nice.

I brought in my latest to sew on the binding. It's a paper piecting pattern by Jennifer Sampou called Elephant and I. I bought it on the shop hop last year. It seemed like something a little different for me and I liked it. I started the paper piecting at one of our sew days. I kind of like it but now I'm out of pinks. Gonna have to buy some more.

On Sept. 17, 18, 19 Nimblefingers will be at the Voorheesville Library book sale. We will be selling our stuff. If you have items you want to sell please join us.