Tuesday, July 24, 2007

21 ladies attended today--8 of them kids. It was another exciting day. As they entered the room my ladies found themselves drafted to help with either sewing, pinning, or ironing. Everyone gets a chance to be a teacher. Several of the girls finished their pillowcases and they were beautiful! I wish I had pictures but we were so busy helping no one had time to take pictures. It was also the last day for at least 3 of the girls. I helped 2 of them with their purses but learned in doing so that the sewing machines don't like really heavy fabric. I couldn't sew one of the purses because the fabric was too thick. Daryl brought in the upholstery so we went through it and pulled out the lightweight ones to use for the bags. I think we'll be fine next week when we start working on them. The girls are all very enthusiastic. They have made great sewing boxes and pillowcases and now have a little experience using a sewing machine. Hopefully they'll go on to sew some more. And all of my helper ladies seemed to enjoy helping even though it is a bit zooey. The kids enthusiasm is infectious so we all had a good time. Thanks to Pat and Winnie for the goodies! Pictured are Sadye and Abigail Goldfarb with their sewing boxes.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Whew! What a day! We had 15 ladies and 12 kids today. Sue Reilly, Betty King, Betty Smith, Marguerite, and Cathy Maikoff all helped the kids work on their sewing boxes or pillowcases. Only 1 girl, I think, didn't have an opportunity to work on the sewing machine but she was making great progress on her sewing box. Except for the 1 girl, all of the other kids are starting or have started their pillowcase. We're going to end up with a bunch of great pillowcases! I asked Daryl if she could bring in some upholstery samples for the kids to use in the next project. We'll be making a clutch bag which I am going to have to go home and start practicing on so that I can write up a pattern. That's where I'll be this weekend--in my sewing room! Again, I don't know what the talk at the adult table was as I was working up a sweat with the kids. I think next week I'll draft more help so that I can spend some time with my ladies.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today was the first day of Junior Nimblefingers with the new sewing machines! 10 juniors and 20 seniors came. Joyce helped the first group of girls make a pin cushion and a sewing box. They will finish their sewing boxes next week. Marguerite showed the kids the tools of the trade. I gave them a tour of the sewing machine and got them started sewing on paper. Most of the kids will sew on paper again next week but a couple of kids may be ready to start their pillowcases. I have no idea what my ladies did as I was working with the kids but I did notice that Daryl brought in her Michigan quilt which she has starting quilting with the letter M. It looks great! I brought in a quilt top I made on the new sewing machines. Joyce was wearing a dress she made on one of the new sewing machines. The kids were very enthusiastic--in fact I got my first hug and kiss as a librarian today! I think this will be a fun summer.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The sewing machines have arrived! We had 1 available today for the ladies (18 of them) to try out. Joyce and I each took the other machines home to practice on. I've got to say, they're more complicated than I thought they would be. But we put our many heads together and figured most things out. It will take practice for us adults to use them so it may take even more practice for the kids. We'll find out next week though because the kids will be here! Today Marguerite brought in her blocks for the 4-patch posie quilt she is making. Daryl had her Michigan State quilt spread out to sandwich. Marie brought in a collection of beautiful collars she had tatted, crocheted, knitted and sewn, plus beaded belts and jewelry. She is a very talented woman. We're going to have her display her work in the display case in September. I brought in the fabric I bought at the Vermont Quilt Show, and Louise was back today. We've all been wondering when she would return. Agnes is the only one who finished the table runner Louise taught some of us and she is eager to show it to her. Next week should be an exciting week and probably a bit chaotic. But hopefully, we will start down the road to teaching these kids to sew!