Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's been ages since I blogged so I thought I'd try today. Last Tuesday we had 15 ladies. Fran, who has "Finish a UFO" challenges for 2 different quilt groups, has been busily finishing some of her early quilts. This week she brought in her 2nd of these former UFO's. It was a dark red and green sampler quilt. We all oooo'd and ahhhh'd over it. She has Linda Denner do the quilting. Linda always does a spectacular job. She doesn't do the all-over designs, she individualizes the quilting patterns to the quilt. Fran used a large purple and green cheater cloth for the back of the quilt. It is a very attractive back so I suppose Fran could use either side of the quilt. Deb and Pat L. were back. We haven't seen them in awhile. Deb's been off body surfing in South Carolina while Pat has been at home nursing her still aching knee. Daryl has hurt her shoulder and needed some help cutting borders and backing for a pretty quilt she is making for her granddaughter. Betty K. brought in some very cute button flowers she had made. They are pieces of wire with buttons attached at one end with little curl-i-cues sticking out on the side. She had been to a birthday party where they had a vase filled with these button flowers and people stuck a $1 bill in the curl-i-cues as a present for the birthday girl. She says they are easy to make but you need to use the right weight of wire. Betty goes to South Carolina for the winter and always comes back with some easy project ideas for us. She said that this last winter she took Fran's little triangle thread holder idea down to South Carolina and they all loved it! Now they will probably expect her to bring down ideas every time she comes! Rosemary was beginning a new flower vase needlepoint piece. Elaine is sewing the binding on her Grand Canyon table runner. Sue made, and finished, the challenge table runner I gave the group for our February 2014 show. She made it from soft batiks. It was really pretty! I predict we may have a first place winner already (actually she is the winner so far since she's the only one who's made one!)! Fran pulled out some of the yarn necklaces she had made and told me to pick one which she gave to me. Thank you Fran--it's beautiful! Jo-Ann was also making some yarn necklaces. They probably ought to show Betty this project so she can take it to South Carolina with her. Tina and Kathy have both gone north for the summer. I hope they don't get rained out. So far it's been a very wet summer here.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

19 ladies attended today. Nancy F., whose sister Dorothy began Nimblefingers many years ago, joined us today. Her daughter had made a quilt top and was sick of looking at it so was going to throw it away. Nancy rescued it, took it to Lew the Quiltsmith for quilting and now has a beautiful quilt! She's going to give it back to her daughter with the understanding that it should eventually go to the granddaughter.