Tuesday, January 29, 2008

17 ladies attended today and we hung our quilt show! Tomorrow Barbara V. and I will fill the display case but today we did the hard part. A big thank you again to our own "fearless" Deb--there is no ladder too high for her to climb! I am always amazed at the variety of quilts our little group makes and at the quality! We have some very talented ladies! And Winnie even finished her very first quilt in time to hang it in the show! Congratulations Winnie! The show will be hanging until Feb. 26th so tell all your friends! Next week is our open house where Kathy O. will teach us to make a 6-hr. quilt. So bring your supplies and we'll all see if we can do it. Our raffle quilt is hanging out at the circulation desk so hopefully we will sell a lot of tickets for that. Last week I was out of town but the group continued without me. 16 ladies were here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

10 ladies attended today. Kathy O. arrived first eager to try out her square-in-a-square ruler. Agnes and Winnie came armed with fabric determined to leave with a specific simple quilt pattern planned and maybe begun by the end of the afternoon. Winnie is determined to make a baby quilt for a friend so they left with squares cut and were hitting a fabric store on the way home. Pat O. was working on last year's Flying Geese block-a-month quilt. Cathy M. had brought hers in finished last week which was just the nudge Pat needed to finish hers. We were surprised to have a visit from Elaine L. who hasn't come for awhile. School starts again next week so she decided to drop in and say hello. She came with giveaway fabric from which I took and armload from but asked her to donate somewhere else as we just cleaned out our closet and don't want to fill it up again so soon. She and Cathy Y. were our knitters today. Betsey also joined us with 2 almost finished prayer quilts for her church. She keeps very busy making prayer quilts and comes out with some pretty nice ones. Next week I will be away but please meet without me. I'll be back the week after that.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It seems like forever since I have written in our blog! Both of the holidays hit on a Tuesday so we haven't met for awhile. At our last meeting in December, we went to lunch at Maggie's cafe. The food was good but the restaurant was too cold! But we're back at the library today though only 8 people attended. Everyone must be out of town. Nevertheless, it was great to see each other again. Cathy M. brought in a quilt top she has almost finished. It is from the block of the month group from last year. Part applique, part pieceing. It was beautiful. She, Fran and Pat are disappointed in this years block of the month pattern which is unfortunate since it's only January! Kathy O. brought in her new laptop which has occupied much of her time since Christmas. Deb brought in a small cross-stitch piece which I proceeded to finish for her. And I came in with my new haircut. So we're back, ready for a new year!