Tuesday, August 26, 2008

17 ladies today. We're almost back to our full quorum. People are starting to return from their summer travels. Marie surprised us today by bringing in her daughter who is visiting from California. We were happy to meet her. Agnes had worked on the prayer quilt top at home and finished it so today a bunch of ladies laid it out and began tying it. It turned out particularly nice I think. Marguerite and I took out the big raffle quilt and hand quilted. The center is coming along but it will be awhile before it is finished. Sue M. also stopped by; her last time before school starts. She had come in a few weeks ago to learn how to make a binding so today she wanted to show us the almost finished project. She has made a very nice quilt for a friend's wedding present. She had it quilted by our friend Lew. It was beautiful. Connie also brought in some show and share: she finished knitting her small afghan which has been designated as a baby blanket because of its size. It was in beautiful blues and browns. Today Connie and Edith were our knitters. Everyone else was using a smaller needle.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

13 ladies attended today. Ethel C. was the star of the day though--she brought in the most delicious homemade chocolate cake! Thank you Ethel! Pat was back from the quilting camp she goes to every summer where she learns new applique techniques. Fran was back from the Altamont fair. Louise brought in a Reminisce magazine with a picture in it of her and some other employees of a department store dressed in their fancy 1950's clothes. We could only recognize Louise by her smile. She didn't have white hair in the 50's! Deb came in happy as a clam because she got a bargain while she was out garage sailing last weekend. She bought a Brother sewing machine in great condition for $10! You can't beat that price! Pat had a lap quilt to sandwich and Agnes was looking for more bazaar projects. While everyone was busy with their projects I finished the top for a lap quilt we hope to give to one of our ailing members.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We only had 9 ladies today. Junior Nimblefingers is over and I thought we'd have a crowd but we didn't. Today I got out 1 sewing machine and one of our projects we had started before the Jr. invasion. It's a lap quilt and today we got all the lattice work in, including around the quilt. We used all but about 3 inches of the lattice fabric--we just made it! It looks very nice. Next week we'll cut out the border and add those. After that we have to find a backing and we're ready to tie! I do like finishing projects. Today Cathy M. made a delicious blueberry cake with her very own blueberries! It was yummy! It was a small group today but we had a good time.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's Thursday already and I haven't written the blog for Tuesday! We had 23 ladies of all ages: 15 ladies and 8 young ladies. Today was the last day of Junior Nimblefingers so the young'uns were hurrying to finish their projects. There were some pillowcases and some bags that were finshed--I'm not sure how many but there were a bunch. Pat brought in a cake which was consumed in no time. I have no idea what conversations were going on around the
table. I vaguely remember that Fran brought in a project she started after going on the tour of Quilting By The Lake. I hope she'll bring that back again so I can get a better look at it. Next week we still may have a girl or two come in but it should be much quieter.