Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I’ve been delinquent again on my blogging and we’ve had a bunch of show and tells so I need to get busy. Yesterday we had a good crowd. Jo Anne, our Halloween fairy delivered some Halloween treats to us and to the library staff. She is a super gift giver.  Christa had an outstanding show and tell. A beautiful 2 sided red, black and gray quilt. She is a fantastic quilter. Her work is always technically and artistically amazing. I realize now that I didn’t take a picture of Betty with her finished neck piece. She was very pleased with it and plans to make more. She is getting ready to head South again where she won’t need heavy coats, boots, etc. This little scarf will be just enough. Elaine is ready for the last step of her Christmas placemats. She just needs to sew the opening closed and sew around the edge. They should be ready to use this year. Winnie is disturbed because this is the first year ever she thinks she won’t bother voting. She takes this responsibility very seriously but doesn’t like either choice. I have the feeling she’s not the only one in the country with this dilemma.  
 This is a close up

 This is the back
 Darlene and 3 of her cousins participated in a round robin. This is Darlene's addition to the quilt belonging to one of the cousins.
 Darlene has been very busy this month. This is a piece that she hand-pieced. Some of the pieces were very small which is why she sewed it by hand.
 And this is a scrap quilt Darlene put together. It is a utility quilt, tied. She had sections which were UFO's and she sewed them together to make a finished quilt. It will keep her warm this winter.
 This is a quilt for one of Ethel's grandchildren. Very colorful!

 And Pat finished another of her beautiful wool pieces.