Thursday, October 18, 2012

Last Tuesday 20 ladies attended. I brought in my finished table runner top to show. I gave the ladies a challenge to make this table runner. It turned out to be a somewhat difficult pattern and as a result my ladies were suggesting that I would never make it. I had to prove them wrong. If I'm going to challenge them to  make it then I really have to make it too. Cathy M. is in the Tuesday morning Altamont group. In that group they had a challenge to all make the same bag so Cathy brought in her bag. It was very nice. I don't know it that group will have a quilt show so I don't know if they will ever display their bags in all different colors and fabrics. That's fun to see: the variety you can have with just one pattern. Linda B., a new member, brought in a finished wool pillow. It had an ear of corn with leaves. The corn was french knots made with a chenille yarn and looked just like corn! The pillow was beautiful. I hope she'll put it in our show in February. Daryl was back this week from Cape Cod and Jean K. was in today but is leaving this week for the winter. Goodbye Jean and have a nice winter!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

20 ladies attended today. The big news is Kathy O is back! And this time she didn't bring back any new patterns to teach us. I knew that day would come sometime I just didn't know when. But she did bring in her finished yellow sweater in a stitch she was working on when she left last spring. She also brought in a serged quilt. I've never seen a quilt serged with the serged seams showing but this was one. It was very nice. Deb finished her tablerunner (the 3rd to do so) in spite of all the whining and complaining she did about how hard it was. I still haven't started mine. I brought in a load of Linda O'Connor's items--mostly patterns. She had so much stuff and I really don't want to throw it away so naturally I'm taking what's left home with me. Marie brought in a partially finished rug she's been working on plus some of her rug-hooking books. Linda B., a new member, is interested in taking up rug-hooking so joined the group just to talk to Marie. Ethel was working on a beautiful bargello ornament and Sandie was making a hardanger piece. Lots of knitting going on around the table and I added just a couple of stitches to my needlework.