Tuesday, May 29, 2007

13 ladies attended today. I got out the future raffle quilt and quilted it. The ladies at the end of the table were busy making Snowmen for their church bazaar. Betsey was finishing a prayer quilt for her church. Edith was knitting a butterfly blanket. Marguerite and Tina discovered that they both owned the same lone star quilt kit so they conferred about that. Jean also has one but isn't sure where it is. It must have been a popular kit years ago when they all bought theirs. Cathy M. was binding a beautiful pink and green quilt which was one of her Flying Geese block of the month quilts. She had it quilted by Linda Denner who did a fantastic job! It was a quiet day comparatively with everyone getting back to the routine after our long Memorial Day weekend.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

17 ladies attended today. 3 brought in their 4-piece posie blocks to show from our workshop with Judy Schedlbauer. Many thanks to Judy--these quilts are a lot of fun to make! Other show and tell: Betty Smith's Sudoku quilt and her granddaughter Linda's scrap black/lime green quilt. Lots of food today, store bought pies, ice cream bread (?!) and Pat's delicious choco/peanut butter goodies. Betsy brought in her sewing machine so that she could work on prayer quilts for her church. Tina passed out her home-made finger thimbles. We are also getting groups together to go on a field trip to the Quilt Bug in Esperance and to the Wings Falls quilt show. Several of us are also planning to take one of the bus trips to the Vermont Quilt show later in June. Betty learned a new way to cast-on for knitting. She demonstrated this to some of us. Lots of talk and lots of fun.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Things were really hopping at Nimblefingers today! We had 18 ladies in attendence. Judy Schedlbauer, an outstanding local quilter, came and demonstrated the 4-patch posie for us. At least 4 people came with fabric and equipment to make their own quilt so we should be having some nice show and shares for the next few weeks. Right now the Flying Geese quilt store on Rt. 155 has a show of 4-patch posies so if you want to see some more examples head up there. Also today the Library was filming a TV commercial about the Library in which our own Betty Smith was one of the stars! We will all eagerly await the release of this commercial so that we can see dear Betty on TV. Daryl is trying to get a group of people to take a field trip to the Quilt Bug in Esperance on June 7th, Thursday, in the morning. If you're interested let us know. We are also hoping some of you will sign up for one of the bus trips to the Vermont Quilt Show at the end of June. It's one of the region's best shows and if you haven't been it's well worth a visit. And there's still time to vote on the Village Quilters Ugly fabric contest. Come see the many ways in which they chose to use this particular ugly fabric. Cathy Maikoff left me with submission applications for the Altamont "Quilts in the Park" show in September. If you want a copy let me know. Fear not you non-quilters out there--there were still several sets of knitting needles clicking away today. We aim to appeal to all tastes and all crafts. Always have, always will.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

20 ladies attended today. We had lots of show and share. Daryl had been given 2 yo-yo quilts and an unfinished piece of cutwork. Plus she had made two baby quilt tops for charity. Jean Kallop, back from Florida, showed us her storybook baby quilt for her new grandson. Betty Smith always surprises us with her quilts. Today she had a Sudoku quilt. The fabrics were chosen for her by the guy from the Woodstock quilt store and what a great job he did! The fabrics went together beautifully! Hope Heath had a nice quilt top she had made with lots of bright colors. Marie was wearing another of her wonderful pieced vests. And Julie showed off her San Francisco purchases. Linda O'Connor brought her sewing machine so that she could give extra help on the bags she showed us last week. Next week Judy Schedlbauer will be coming to demonstrate the 4-patch posie pattern. It's fun and easy so come prepared to cut, pin, and play! But don't think we've forgotten about our knitters/non-quilters--there are always a few of them scattered around the tables and we love to see what they're up to as well. With many of our ladies what they work on depends on what they grab as they're leaving the house--fabric or yarn! We are a multi-talented group who love to socialize!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

19 ladies attended today. Linda O'Connor was on hand to teach us how to make a purse out of pre-quilted fabric. Several ladies came ready to sew-fold- & sew some more on their bags. Next week we should have a nice little show and share. Also, Linda will return if people run into problems and need more help. Marie brought in a variation of a grandmother's flower garden quilt which she is hand piecing using the English paper piecing method. This is very time-consuming but allows for great precision. Daryl and Pat have been making small baby quilts for a charity from Massachusetts. Several knitters/crocheters were present. As always, a good time was had by all.