Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I have been very delinquent about writing in this blog. The whole month of February has gone by without a post and February is our big month: it is the month of our annual quilt and craft show. As usual, we had a great show. The community room looked bright and cheery and full of color during this bleak, snowy month. We had our open house a few weeks ago. About 50 people attended which is about what we usually get. Kathy O. demonstrated the simple pineapple block and JoAnne C. demonstrated the Accuquilt Go. We had another bed turning show with quite a few quilts, some old and some new. I think it was a very successful day and we have gained a couple of new members as a result. I will try to start putting the pictures in soon. Today we took the show down. It always comes down quicker than it goes up! We tallied the votes on our challenge table runner and Sue Reilly won with her beautiful Christmas table runner. Congratulations Sue! We had at least 100 votes turned in so I think the public enjoyed the opportunity to participate in our show. Now we need to start thinking about next year's challenge so keep your eyes open for good patterns!