Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today 13 ladies attended. Pat Hammond treated us with her frosted brownies. We do eat well in this group! Betty Smith was up to her old tricks--she knitted a fabric/yarn bag! She used 90 very thin strips of fabric and knitted them together with eyelash yarn. With polka dot fabric for the lining and the handles. Very cute! Darryl brought in her almost finished crazy quilt. It is ready for binding and will then be done. Others were sewing bindings on their quilts--all trying to get ready for the quilt show hanging next Tuesday. It should be a great show!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today we had 14 ladies attend and lots of great show and share! Pat brought in a pile of lap quilts she's made to give to charity, Kathy Olsen brought in a Thimbleberries wall hanging, Fran had an Amish Star fling quilt, and Anne Bave had a bright and beautiful baby quilt. I hope I didn't forget any. I think this year we're going to have a great quilt show! Marguerite brought in her mile-a-minute quilt for us to see and buy raffle tickets on. She's raffling it to earn money to help pay for her granddaughter's trip to Alaska next summer with the People-to-people program. So far sales have been brisk so hopefully it will ease some of the financial burden on the family. Last Sunday the library brought a speaker, Kris Gregson Moss from Glens Falls, to show her quilts and tell us about them. The ladies really liked her and many want to try making quilts like hers (squiggle and ravioli quilts). She was clearly an inspiration!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

This week 15 ladies attended. Betsy Hoffman brought in a lap quilt she had made from blocks made by her husbands grandmother (I think that's right). They were made probably in the late 1800's. She had enough blocks to made 2 lap size quilts, one for each of her daughters. This one was lovely. I know Betsey was worried about somehow ruining these beautiful blocks but on the contrary, her quilt complements the blocks and allows their beauty to shine. Marguerite announced that she is going to raffle off her mile-a-minute quilt to try to earn some money for her granddaughter who is going to Alaska next summer in the people-to-people program. She will be selling tickets at Nichols on Saturday and her daughter is holding a spaghetti supper at the firehouse so they hope to earn some money for Alexandra. Marguerite promised to bring in some tickets next week so we could buy some so bring your money! And remember, this Sunday, from 2 to 4, Kris Gregson Moss from Glens Falls will be talking about and showing her quilts. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We're back from the holidays today. 14 ladies attended. Pat Hammond brought in a cake and some Christmas cookies. Marguerite brought in her finished baby quilt, Kathy Olsen a cathedral window bag, and Elaine Larsen a reversible knitted cap for show-and-share. Pat is in the process of making many lap quilts she hopes to donate to a hospital or nursing home. She is trying, like many of us are, to use up her scraps. All had good holidays although many didn't stay up long enough to see the ball drop. Now we're all ready to get back to normal, non-holiday life.