Tuesday, December 07, 2010

17 ladies attended today. Marie is back from her trip to California and we were all happy to see her again. She was very happy to be home again too. Newcomer Nina came back again too. She's new in town and our group is just the place for newcomers to make friends. She brought her knitting and made herself at home. I had the childrens librarian, Joyce, come in and talk to her since she is a childrens librarian also and is looking for a job. Hopefully Joyce gave her some pointers on finding a job in the capital district. Rosemary was working on a needlepoint piece; Ethel a delicate white cross-stitch piece; Winnie was getting advice on making a quilt from some bird fabric she had purchased; Cathy M. was appliquing flowers; Elaine had determined how she wanted to arrange the blocks in her quilt and wanted to let Kathy O. know that she was still working on it; I brought in a wall hanging that I am sewing buttons onto; June is doing a redwork piece; Hattie is knitting a sweater; Marguerite laid out and tied her mile-a-minute lap quilt; and Linda cut up some more fabric for schlep bags. Kathy O. brought in a second version of the mystery quilt from fabrics that match her bedroom she made to cover a table. We were all very busy today.

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