Friday, February 22, 2013

We had 17 ladies attending last Tuesday. I was busy sandwiching a couple of quilts early in the meeting but as I settled down I noticed some embroidery going on this week. Sue R. was embroidering a penny rug. Linda H. was embroidering a snowflake. And Ethel was working on a sampler. That's only 3 but that's more than ususal. Elaine was getting advice from Sandie on making her next quilt with her Arizona fabrics. Tina had started a new knitted afghan. Agnes was crocheting a scarf. I've got to find out how she does it because I know how to crochet. Marie was wearing a blouse upon which she had sewn some lace which she had made. I don't remember the name of that kind of lace but it was beautiful. Cathy M. finished one of a pair of knitted socks. And I've forgotten what everyone else was working on but as usual we had a great time!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

We have so many pictures of the show and I want all of our members who are away to be able to see them so I'll add some more here. I showed the ladies just a couple of weeks ago how to make a simple pineapple. Both Agnes and Winnie have completed pineapples in the show. And this year Tina and Fran went chicken crazy. I hoped to make a chicken too but never got around to it. They are sooo cute though! It is so hard to get these pictures lined up in the blog. I'm trying but so far it's not cooperating. I won't give up though!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 Today was our Open House for our quilt show. We had at least 62 people attend. I'm sure we had more who didn't sign in. I think it was very successful. Several people said they thought this was the best show yet. That may be but I suspect that every year is the best show yet. Kathy O. demonstrated the Hidden 4-patch and the Disappearing 9-patch blocks. Jo-Anne brought in her card-making supplies and we all made valentines for our sweeties. Sandie was on hand to demonstrate the circular scarves we've all been making or just to talk knitting. We had a bed-turning show as well. Several members brought in old family quilts. We also showed the 4 friendship quilts made by some of us many years ago in Nimblefingers. Plus we had quilts that we just didn't have room for in the show. We had lots of delicious goodies to eat and punch to drink. Cathy Y. brought her daughter from Pennsylvania who was visiting. She was thrilled to be here on party day. Quite a few husbands visited, enjoyed the goodies and were glad of a place to sit down while their wives roamed. All in all it might very well be our best Open House yet.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

23 ladies attended today plus Homer who played a very important role: he hung our quilts for us! That's right, the quilt show is up and ready for viewing! Everything looks beautiful. I haven't taken pictures yet but will start posting them as soon as I do. Our group has grown so we had a lot of quilts to show, especially large quilts. Unfortunately, we didn't have room for everyone's large quilts. So we will have a lot to show at our bed-turning during the Open House next Tuesday. Besides our overflow we will have some antique quilts and friendship quilts made by the group many years ago. I hope we get a good turn out
 because it is a nice show this year. We have a row of challenge table runners--all from the same pattern but using different fabrics. We'll let people vote on those and see whose is the favorite. We don't ask for votes on best of show. I always find it way too hard to choose. Today Tina's son was in photographing the show and a little later Kathy O. was in with her camera. While she was here she sold one of her scarfs right off the display rack! If everyone does that we won't have any left to show!