Thursday, September 30, 2010

18 ladies attended on Tuesday. Betty K. and Linda O'C came with buttons to make button earrings. Several of us continued working on our flower pin cushion taught to us by Jean K. I still have a ways to go on mine but some of the others have started stuffing the pincushion. Marguerite gave Agnes a quick lesson on the measuring tape bag. I think next week she and Jo-Ann are going to bring in their patterns. Jo-Ann showed us a little quickie item she learned at the Cobleskill quilt show. She had made a pumpkin by wrapping fabric around a roll of toilet paper and adding a stem. It was cute and very quick. She reported that the Cobleskill quilt show was well worth visiting. I brought in a new knitting book with some quick projects but none of my knitters were interested enough to take it home. Daryl reported that she has now joined the 21st century. Her grandson helped her buy a computer and get set up on email. I'll be sure and tell her about the blog so she can keep in touch when she is traveling.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

18 ladies attended today. Jean K. began teaching us to make the flower petal pincushion. Several of us were giving it a try. I finished the first of 3 layers of petals so now I need to cut out more fabric for the rest of the project. When we've finished this project I plan to have Marguerite teach us to make the tape measure bag. Small projects are fun mostly because you can actually finish them! Hattie and Cathy Y. were again our knitters. Deb was even giving knitting a try today but she didn't have enough yarn to make the scarf she wanted to make. Betsy and Daryl were both quilting cheater cloth quilts. Fran brought in some of her place mats. She want to make 100 of them for one of her quilt group projects. She also sewed the binding on a cute baby quilt with appliqued ducks. It's too bad she doesn't have any babies in her family because she has sure made some beautiful baby quilts! We were all very busy today so I didn't manage to get in on any conversations and I assume that next week we will still be busy finishing our pincushions.
18 ladies attended today. Jean K. began teaching us to make the flower petal pincushion. I finished the first of 3 layers of petals

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

17 ladies attended today. Next week Jean will teach us to make the flower petal pin cushion so she gave us patterns today. Have your fabric cut and ready and she'll have us start sewing. Also within the next couple of weeks I hope Marguerite and Jo-Ann can teach us to make the tape measurer bags. I cut out the fabric today and hope to come with supplies ready so that someone will teach me. Tina was back today from her camp in the Adirondacks. She brought in a load of fabric that a neighbor had given her. Deb had some bad news about one of her dogs--it has cancer. She's very sad and so am I. It is really hard to lose a pet. Cathy M. brought in raspberry muffins made from the raspberries in her yard. They were yummy! And Marie brought in her recipes for dandelion wine and rhubarb wine. I don't think anyone wanted the recipes though. Pat OR brought in her butterfly that she made at Wiawaka. She thinks it's a very ugly butterfly and doesn't like it at all but she went ahead and finished it anyway. They have made more attractive pieces in previous years. But Pat always has a good time there so it really doesn't make much difference what they make. Winnie has been painting bird houses to sell at the farmer's market. I'm sure she has a good time doing that--she does love to paint.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Yesterday we had 17 ladies. Pat H. brought in 2 quilts she had made and was donating to alzheimer's patients. They were activity quilts, made from different textured fabrics, with zippers, velcro and rings to play with. These quilts keep the patient's hands busy so are very good to have around. It's a great idea and a great service. Pat is a good citizen by any standards. Jo-Ann brought in her Friday freebie project from the Quilt Bug: a bag made with some stuff that makes your fabric shrivel up. I don't remember the name of the stuff but it made a really cool bag! Mary Ann M. visited us. She's making another memory quilt. She hopes to sell it at Tesellations--a new arts/crafts store in Altamont. I've heard of the store but never visited. It sounds like a great place though! Agnes was crocheting scrubbies and selling them as fast as she made them! Pat OR was making a table runner appliqued with dragonflies. It was very pretty. Ethel was binding a Christmas tree skirt for her daughter. Cathy Y. and Marie were our knitters: Cathy a sweater and Marie an afghan. I showed off the new Voorheesville library cookbook. It will go on sale this Saturday and I know it will be a hot seller!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Yesterday 18 ladies attended. The highlight of the afternoon was the quilt Betsey had made as a wedding gift: a heart pattern in soft blues. It was truly beautiful! I hope she will bring it back because I didn't have a camera available to take a picture. Our Junior Nimblefinger Clare joined us again. She makes clothes for her pet chickens. I'm sure they are the best dressed chickens around! Lew stopped by and gave us some scrap batting. I'm sure it will disappear quickly. I was able to give some fabric from our stash away: Pat H. was looking for textured fabric; Clare took a couple of preprinted patterns to make a vest and a chicken; Marguerite was looking for some off-white for a quilt she is working on. Please remember that we have this stash and that it's available for anyone. Rosemary told me she has a neighbor who wants to learn to quilt. I asked the ladies and they would be willing to work on a block of the month, learning to piece sampler quilt. I'll start working out a plan for that so we could start in the fall. Remember though, you don't have to be a quilter to belong to Nimblefingers! We don't want anyone to feel unwelcome.