Tuesday, December 03, 2013

18 ladies attended today. Deb brought in her quilt and she and I finished sewing down the binding. Jo-Ann continued working on her scarf but late in the afternoon she started un-knitting it! Fran was knitting a hat. Pat L. had started embroidering a wool candle mat with a bird on a branch. It was very cute. Sandie passed around pictures of her new baby granddaughter--Elke Apple. She is a very cute little baby. Hattie brought her friend Heidi with her today. Heidi and Marguerite worked together at Macy's. Ethel is making a cross-stitch Christmas stocking for her new grandbaby. Please let me know next week if you plan to attend our Christmas lunch at the Grapevine. Deb, Jo-Ann and I are driving and I hope we each have full cars.