Tuesday, September 25, 2007

17 ladies attended today. We got out the sewing machines and made mile-a-minute blocks. Several people didn't know how to do it so we could teach them while using up some of our scraps, getting practice using the machines and making blocks for lap quilts. Marguerite did most of the teaching. Meanwhile, Agnes and I tied one of the finished lap quilts. We now have 2 finished donation lap quilts. Gail Sacco, the director came in and showed us the DVD library commercial starring our own Betty Smith! It's a nice little film and really casts the library in a good light--as an extension of family. She also reminded us to fill out our library surveys, which
several people filled out. Kathy Connors also came in and promoted a healthy living workshop that is being taught at the senior center. Cathy Maikoff treated us with some homemade blueberry muffins. We were an active group today getting a lot accomplished.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

12 ladies attended today. I was determined to finish 2 of the lap quilts that have been in process for awhile so I sewed bindings on both of them. Agnes and Daryl each took one home to finish the binding. Then we can add some ties and they'll be finished. Betty brought in 2 treats: she brought in a small Thank You quilt she made to thank the group for the gift of blocks for her birthday and she brought in her gift blocks in a finished quilt! Her granddaughter Linda had put it together for her using different colors as a lattice so it was very colorful and looked great! Betty is pleased and that's what's important. Fran reported that Ann Bave attended last weeks QUILT meeting and is fine. We were worried about her because she had had some kind of surgery so it's good to know she is well. I called Katherine Denegar today and talked to her. She and Russ are also coming right along. Jean Kallop brought in some more of her stash to give away. And Betsey made me a birthday cake! Thank you Betsey, it was yummy! Today was the last meeting Louise will attend--she's leaving for Florida on Friday. We'll miss you Louise! And we decided that next week we are going to use the 3 new sewing machines and make some mile-a-minute lap quilts to use up some of our stash. So be prepared ladies! We'll have some fun!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I've been away for a couple of weeks. I went to visit my mom in Texas 2 weeks ago. Had a good time and taught my sister to make a 4-patch posie quilt. Then got stuck in airport delay limbo for 31 hrs.! Took the train home for the last leg of my journey. Then was sick as a dog (with laryngitis) for a week after that. But I'm back now. Last week 13 ladies attended but this week we had a special day--Betty Smith's 98th birthday--so 28 people attended today. We had made blocks (some of them personalized) for Betty which she could put together. Daryl made a birthday cake, lots of cards, some misc. gifts and the special attendance of many of Betty's family--3 granddaughters, 1 great-granddaughter, and her son. Betty left with arms full and a smile on her face. I think she had a good time. The rest of us had a good time too. Next Saturday is the Altamont quilt show in the park. Some of us are going to meet at the library at 12:30 and drive over together. Anyone wanting to join us is welcome. It should be a nice show.