Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yesterday 10 of us met over at the Home Front cafe for lunch while the community room was being used for a kids craft program. We had a nice little lunch although the room was a tad chilly whenever the door was opened. Nevertheless it was nice being with friends and having an outing on what would otherwise be a very dreary day. Jo Ann and I ordered dessert and when I offered Winnie a bite of my chocolate cake she declared: I don't want just a bite! and grabbed the waitress to order her own piece of cake. She was given a rather large slice so we all teased her a bit. I hope she didn't mind. After lunch we went next door to the yarn shop. I think I'm the only one who bought something. I want to make one of the bags Sandie had made. She claims it's easy so I'm trusting her on that. I drove Marie over to the cafe and back and I know she was very happy with the outing. I think all of us were.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today we had 16 ladies. Marie came in with a beautiful and very complicated looking sweater she made. Her brother bought her the yarn (which is from the Aran Islands) in Scotland. She hates the color (what I think is a beautiful fall gold color) but made the sweater anyway. It was gorgeous. Then Sandie came in with 2 finshed items: her crocheted petal bag and a blackwork piece. Sandie is just incredible! Kathy O. had bought some interesting yard but couldn't figure out how to knit it so Sandie got her started. It's going to be a very unique scarf. I wish I could knit--they make such neat stuff! Ethel brought in the Christmas stocking she made for her newest grandson. Kathy O. and Sue R. brought in the tops of their table runners so we should have at least 6 table runners at our show. We will not be meeting next week because of a children's program that has been booked so instead we will be meeting at the  Home Front Cafe in Altamont at 12:30.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

17 ladies attended today.  Ethel has been working hard: she finished her cross-stitch wedding sampler for her daughter and son-in-law, a pillow matching the quilt she made for her grandson, and a Christmas stocking for her new grandson. I hope she can put some of those in our show in February. Jo-Ann had been on a bus trip to New Hampshire to the Quilter's Gathering show. She came back with some new purchases to show. Kathy O. came in today. With her arm in a sling she can't do too much in the way of sewing but she got some help from Agnes to cut out her table runner. She's going to see if she can operate the sewing machine. Marie was knitting some socks, as was Sandie. Marie demonstrated the stitch she was doing. Boy was it complicated! Sandie says she'll give the stitch a try sometime but I think even she thought it was complicated. Marie is not afraid of complexity--she likes a challenge. Remember, we will be having our Christmas lunch on the second Tuesday of December. I will call ahead to find out costs. And, this year we have entertainment: slide show of Elaine and Bob Suss' rafting trip down the Colorado river. Husbands are invited.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

15 ladies attended on Tuesday. I brought in a bag for show and share. I made it in a workshop with Jessica VanDenburgh. Several people expressed interest in making the bag so I will demonstrate in the coming weeks. Marguerite finished her small mile-a-minute quilt so brought in a new mile-a-minute top which she will quilt this January when she pulls out her quilt frame. She tried a different layout--instead of lattice strips she put solid blocks between the m-a-m blocks then turned them all on point.  Fran showed those of us at her end of the table how to tie a scarf in a new way. Ellen and Deb were having some laughs reading a quilter's horoscope out of a magazine. We decided that we will have our Christmas brunch on December 11 and that we will again have it catered by Chef's Take-out. I will call ahead to make sure they will still cater lunches and to get the price. During our Christmas brunch we will have entertainment provided by Bob and Elaine Suss who will show us slides from their vacation rafting down the Colorado River.