Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I just talked to Michele Reilly, the president of the Friends of the Library. She said we earned over $430 for the raffle quilt. It was won by Ellie Wagner, a teenager! She was thrilled!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

15 ladies attended today. Connie had finished knitting her vest and needed Cathy Y.'s advice on finishing it off with a crochetted edge. Marie brought in her grandmother's flower garden quilt top for me to see. She had done hand, English piecing to construct the whole thing. Now she wants to applique vines and leaves on it. It is truly a masterpiece. Kathy O. brought in her almost finished 4 piece posy quilt while Agnes and Marguerite were still working on theirs. Daryl brought in a finished baby quilt and an apron. Linda O'C brought in some cute felt needle holders to show us. They were selling them like hotcakes at a quilt show in Florida so she made some to show us up here. We also had a new person visit us today. Welcome Marjorie! I hope you'll come again. Ingrid reported that the curtains she's making to accompany her beautiful quilt which she brought last week are coming along nicely. She says they're testing her math skills but look great!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

15 ladies attended today. Last week Tina taught Kathy O. how to cro-hook and today Kathy came in with 2 finished dishrags. Marie brought in several more cro-hooking patterns. Alberta brought in her latest craft discovery. She read about creating embossed paper in a Carol Duval book. You simply use your rubber stamps, toilet paper, water and a brush. Surprisingly it makes a very elegant looking embossed paper. We were all rather intrigued by this. Fran brought in 3 aprons she had made. I brought in my purchases from Texas. Pat and Agnes have already started working on bazaar projects--pillows and teddy bears. Cathy Y. and Connie were knitting scarves and Deb was hand piecing her antique grandmother's flower garden pieces. Towards the end of the meeting Diane Luci came in. She is presenting a travel program tonight about her trip to the Galapagos Islands. She had made a quilt with pictures from the Galapagos which she brought in to show at her talk. We hung it for her while oohing and aahing over the pictures and her stories. It should be an interesting talk.

Friday, April 18, 2008

18 attended this week. Ingrid brought in a beautiful quilt she had finished. Edith was knitting a sweater in some kind of Swedish knit design with thin thread. I'm no expert, but it seemed very unique to me. Cathy M., Pat and Fran were bemoaning having joined the block of the month quilt this year--it is too, too hard! Marguerite brought her granddaughter Alexandra to join us but she's too active yet to settle down to handwork so she left early with her grandfather Harry when he got off of work. I missed Nimblefingers last week and am late posting my blog this week but will hopefully be more on the ball next week. Oh, an extra note, I was working last night and Pearl Kelly came in. Some of you may remember her--she was one of the original Nimblefingers members. She was using a walker and doesn't get out too often anymore, but happily she was still sharp as a tack! She said to say hello to everyone so a big Hello from Pearl!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm 2 days late with this weeks news but better late than never! We had 19 people come this Tuesday including a surprise visit from our old (but actually quite young) friend Sook Rho! She had to stop coming to Nimblefingers to go to work in her husband's restaurant and we all miss her. This week Hattie had pulled out a sweater to finish knitting, Connie was trying to figure out if she had gone wrong on a supposedly simple knitted vest pattern, Kathy O. brought me a sample of her machine quilting and Deb brought news of Cathy M. who's home sick. Marie tried out the ladies' crocheted scrubbie pattern and brought in her final project to show. She's also been crocheting some hot pads. Kathy O. has decided that it's time for her to make a 4-patch posie quilt so Alberta was giving her instructions and moral support while Winnie played with the kaleidescope blocks. Pat H. is looking forward to making small quilts for the Linus project and took some of our stash for that purpose. In other words, we had another busy day!