Wednesday, November 17, 2010

15 ladies attended yesterday. I was scheduled to work on the Reference desk during Nimblefingers but my boss graciously volunteered to work the desk so that I could attend the meeting. Not knowing that she had done this, several of my ladies came out to the reading room, with their sewing, ready to keep me company at the Reference desk! We do have a funny group! Today was interesting--considering that most of the group are quilters, only 3 people were actually working on quilts. Everyone else was knitting or doing needlepoint. There has been a lot more needlepoint in the group lately I have noticed. I hope that some of these items end up in our show in February. Fran was working on a penny rug; June doing redwork; Deb was binding her Christmas table topper (with a little help from me). Kathy Y., Agnes and Hattie were knitting. Everyone else was doing some kind of cross-stitch, embroidery, or needlepoint. Today was a particularly silly day. Deb kept breaking into song--songs none of us had ever heard of (It's raining men!?!). Coming from Deb, we all assume she dreamed it up but it did provide us with lots of laughs. Thanks for the comedy Deb!

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