Tuesday, January 10, 2012

17 ladies attended today. There was a lot of knitting and needlework going on today. Cathy Y and Cathy M were both starting new knit scarves. Rosemary had a new needlepoint to work on. Marie got some more pattern reading help from Sandy on her new knitting project. From the more fabric oriented of us, Fran was cutting out fabric for placemats. Deb was attempting to cover her headband with scraps of fleece. Marguerite was still quilting her mile-a-minute little girl quilt. Kathy O. had 1 strip from a Christmas quilt she is working on. The only show and tell was a Santa stuck in the chimney from Jean K.; Marguerite's finished lone star quilt beautifully hand quilted; and my thread trimming ball (made from little bits of thread and fabric). I announced our upcoming library programs: Kris Driessen on 1/29/12 from 2-4 talking about Civil War era textiles; our quilt & craft show plus open house in February; and 2/26/12 Kris Driessen's workshop on making a civil war quilt block (sign-up is necessary for this program). Also, Daryl has kindly invited us all to lunch on 1/19/12 at 12:00.

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