Tuesday, January 31, 2012

17 ladies attended today and 1 man--Homer, who helped us hang the quilts. This year we had a problem we've never had before--too many big quilts! Marie's were so big we didn't have a wall big enough to display them! At the Tucson quilt show they have what they call a bed-turning show of antique quilts. I thought that's what we could do with our overflow of large quilts. Next week I'll set up 3 tables and drape the quilts over them. Every 1/2 hour or so we'll show them. Unfortunately, they will only be there for our open house but at least people will have a chance to see them. I hope it works out okay. Tomorrow we'll fill the display case. But for now the community room is full and so is the hallway. In the community room we've got lots of quilts on one wall but on the other wall only a few large quilts. I'll start taking pictures to put on the blog tomorrow. I will also begin adding labels. This is always a big job when it goes up but it looks so nice!

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